Christmas 2013

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

this post is going to be very picture heavy.  i thought about splitting it into two but i would most likely post part one and then fail at posting part two.  i also really didn't take any pictures on christmas, so this post should be more appropriately titled "christmas season 2013".

we had a great holiday.  i was incredibly stressed out for the month or so leading up to it.  all the gift purchasing, money spending and trying to make sure that the holiday is memorable but not over the top was making my head spin.  i ended up getting everything together and the actual day of christmas was one of my faves ever.
i will start with a lovely breakfast with santa...

 these two...i just love the fact that coop has such a great friendship with this sweet little guy.  
 handsome eddie!
 brother/sister love.  they have a great relationship
the first time cooper wasn't a complete mess around santa.  it probably helped that this santa was the nicest guy in the world.  just like a real santa should be.

 family!  this would have made a good christmas card but i totally failed at sending one out.
 funny coop

we made a lot of sugar cookies which is a tradition i love.  i also found the most amazing sugar cookie recipe ever.  i'm a sugar cookie snob, so i can assure you these are the best i have ever had and i have tried tons of recipes.  
 you can find the recipe here
per tradition, we also made a gingerbread house.  breaking tradition of having a gingerbread house that doesn't stay together, i went ahead and hot glued this bad boy together, because a. that's the only way to get it to stay together and b. who actually ends up eating a gingerbread house anyway. 

while out driving around looking at the neighborhoods christmas light, mark decided we needed to go pick up his brothers huge christmas inflatables that they weren't using this year. everyone was pretty excited.  palmer was really into the polar bear and asked to "check-out" which is his way of saying he wants to go see something.  so we would have to go out to the front porch where he could see it, which was cute the first couple times and then lost it's luster after he wanted to do it every five minutes, for five minutes, in five degree weather. we indulged him most of the time though. 

every other year my mark's brother and his family go to minnesota for christmas. luckily they are always here the years when we also have eddie and sydney (we switch off holidays with their mom). so we go over there for christmas eve and it's such a blast. this year we had homemade pizza and we always play the white elephant game and it is sooooo much fun.  i'm lucky to have an awesome sister-in-law who is as hilarious as she is sweet.  
 here she is.  this was her white elephant gift and she was really excited.  
the cousins.  i love that they all get to grow up so close to each other.  i didn't have any cousins and it's something i always wish i had. 

we got back home and it's tradition (i guess we have a lot of those) to open one present, which is always pajamas.  i pick out marks pi's and he picks out mine.  we both usually err on the side of silly and embarrassing pi's because it's just more fun that way.  
these pictures are totally insane looking but it's all i got. i also have minnie mouse pajamas bottoms on but you obviously can't see.  
i managed to get a picture of all the goods santa left before the kiddos woke up

palmer got his own mcqueen to zoom around in.  he loves it.
cooper got a doc mcstuffins get better checkup center, which was one of the hot toys of the season

and this is when I unfortunately stopped taking pictures.  sadness. 
eddies "big" present was an drone
sydney's "big" present were some adorable red uggs

signing off with this handsome dude.  

p.s. if you read to the end of this and you aren't my mother or father then i commend you.

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