Cooper's 4th birthday interview

Monday, December 9, 2013

1. favorite color
2. favorite toy
3. favorite place to visit
the zoo
4. best tv show
paw patrol
5. most tasty thing to eat for lunch
monster inc. chicken nuggets
6. the outfit you wear the most
clothes that have puppies on them
7. most fun game to play
little ornament appre (appre is her weird short name for anything and everything)
8. delicious snack you love
one of the bunny cereal (aka Trix)
9. favorite animal
10. favorite song
Allie Gallo (from our music class)
11. favorite book
little hot beat (absolutely no idea where this came from)
12. your best friend
Max (always and forever)  Max is the son of our BCFF (Best Couple Friends Forever)
13. car you hope to drive at 16
a little car that had no cover thing on it (I'm thinking this means convertible.)
14. favorite thing to do outside
play in the sand box
15. favorite drink
juice box
16. place you would most like to travel to
17. the best holiday
18. favorite restaurant
magic marshmallow (Magic Mushroom a pizza place)
19. what you hope happens before your next birthday
I get to eat my cake
20. what do you want to be when you grow up?
I would like to turn into a big stuffed animal that is like my valentines dog

ohhhhhhh my sweet cooper.  how do i even define what the past four years with you has meant?  it's impossible.  this feels like some sort of a defining year.  i'm not entirely sure why.  you don't need me as much as you used you, which i have a love/hate with.  it's really cool to see the human you are becoming.  it's also really sad to know that this is the last year that i have you to myself.  gosh, i know it is so cliche and i hate even typing it, but i have to say it because it's how i feel.  where did the time go?? i remember giving birth to you like it was yesterday.  holding you in my arms for the very first time.  i became a mother and you became a person, a sister and daughter at the exact same moment.  so special.  there are no words.  we will forever hold that bond of that incredible and special moment.  we became something together and in an incredible way we created each other.  i love you my first born daughter.  thank you for making me a mom and thank you for the most amazing four years of my life.  i appreciate everything about you.  

the first time i held you :)


  1. I love this! I most want to visit Target as girl!

    P.S. Aren't furby's just the worst? I can't believe they're making a comeback. They were popular when I was a kid and even then I thought they were the most annoying toys ever! (I still probably had one or two.)

    1. I remember those darn things from when I was a kid too!! She had one last year that was far more annoying than the new ones this year. The main problem with them is that there isn't an off button!!