Happy 2nd Birthday Palmer

Monday, November 11, 2013

my son is two. Palmer Douglas Quam is two. i can't believe it.  he was born on veterans day two years ago.  his name is in honor of two veterans who are strong, wild, unique and oh so special to this family.  my grandpa (palmer) fought in WWII.  my father (douglas) was in the vietnam war.  thank you both for your service and thank you to every single soldier who has fought with everything they have for the integrity and safety of this country.  you are ALL HEROES.  and i love you for it. i know that palmer will grow up to make these incredible people he was named after very very proud.

little dude has a lot of the traits of a soldier. he is strong and perseveres and doesn't stand down he loves his people and has a grit to him.  he is definitely the strongest personality of all the kiddos.  he is also the one who gives the best hugs.  a lover and a fighter - reminds me of his dad.

he is at an age that i love and adore.  i loved the "terrible twos" with cooper and i can tell i will feel the same with palmer.  you learn so much about your kids personality at this age and i love it.  yes, they throw fits and freak out but they also formulate sentences - actual sentences you can understand.  you learn so much more about their personalities when they can articulate themselves. so i'm super excited for everything that will happen in this next year.

we adore you Palmer, there are no words for what you bring to this family. you are sweet and sassy all in one incredible package and i wouldn't want it any other way.  you are a boy through and through.  i can't wait to see what you become because i'm certain it will be someone unique, amazing, strong and full of love.  

let's take a look at where you started and ended the past year.

yep, we love you and you are the cutest little dude ever.

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  1. Love his name & the back story!

    Happy birthday, Palmer!