eddie's 11th birthday interview

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

i like to interview these kiddos on their birthday.  this year eddie was at his mom's for his birthday, so i had to wait until last night to get the answers to my fun little quiz. 
eddie's 11th birthday interview
1. favorite color
2. favorite toy
3. favorite place to visit
4. best tv show
randy cunningham 9th grade ninja
5. most tasty thing to eat for lunch
my homemade pizza
6. the outfit you wear the most
sweatpants and a t-shirt
7. most fun game to play
halo 4
8. delicious snack you love
pop tarts
9. favorite animal
10. favorite song
like and enderman (some sort of weird minecraft thing)
11. favorite book
nick of time or the complete adventures of winnie the pooh
12. your best friend
13. car you hope to drive at 16
14. favorite thing to do outside
fight rocco and vinnie with fake weapons
15. favorite drink
16. place you would most like to travel to
17. the best holiday
18. favorite restaurant
anthony's pizzeria
19. what you hope happens before your next birthday
i get lots of legos and a better writing grade 
20. what do you want to be when you grow up?
an architect 

#19 had mark and i laughing out loud.  we had parent teacher conferences last night. let's just say eddie doesn't really love writing.  he is a genius (truth) but taking the time to sit and write out a story is something he just isn't down with.  so after a long heart-to-heart with him and some consequences and incentives i did this little interview to lighten the mood and it was obviously still weighing heavy on his mind.  i'm totally confident he will achieve his goal before his next birthday.

if anyone out there has any tips on turning a reluctant creative writer into an enthusiastic one, i would love to hear them.

we love you sweet eddie!  you are the salt of the earth and we couldn't feel anymore lucky that we get you as our kid. 

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