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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

hi friends.  i feel like my last two posts were sort of debbie downer. sorry.
we are coming off a week of sick littles that's now spread to sydney. so there has been a lot of down time snuggling under blankets and trying to feel better. somehow eddie always avoids getting the bug, lucky guy.

one day after her bath, we decided to straighten coopers hair for fun.  it's looks adorable but she is definitely a curly hair girl, it just fits her fun and silly personality. 

we went to the museum of nature and science to see the mythbusters exhibit and i would highly highly recommend it if you live in the area.  it was incredibly fun and perfect for all the kids, even palmer had a blast running through the "do you get more wet running through the rain or walking through the rain" display. They had actual rain and then a blue light to see who had more drops on them. 
to see when the exhibit comes to a city near you, click here.
as if mythbusters wasn't already cool enough, they also did an entire show dedicated to breaking bad.  check out a preview here.
eddie had the opportunity to learn how to get a tablecloth off a table without losing any plates or cups.  i was impressed with his skills!

i'm really bummed this picture came out so blurry.  this is the most perfect tree to climb and it's right outside of the museum. 
i love the denver museum of nature and science, we are members and it's such a fun place to go with the kids on a cold day, or any day for that matter.  it's educational and fun, what beats that?!?
cooper adding her character into an otherwise perfect family picture
this was on the georgetown loop train ride, which i would also highly recommend to anyone.  it's about an hour and goes through the gorgeous clear creek canyon.  it's absolutely stunning.  we were hoping to get a great view of the fall leaves, but missed the peak by about a week.  it was still absolutely lovely and something that i think we will keep as a tradition every year.  unfortunately, i didn't take a lot of pics. this was the day when cooper really started to feel icky and just wanted to be held.  she was a trooper though and you wouldn't think from the pics above that she was feeling bad at all. 

my fall display.  i think i will keep these hay bales around and do something cute with them for christmas as well.  

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  1. A Mythbusters exhibit at the Denver Museum?! Sign me up!! Great pics! Love your fall display...the hay bales are such a cute addition!