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Friday, October 11, 2013

super quick post but i just read something about stay at home moms that i loved (scroll to the bottom to find it) i am sure it is already viral but i absolutely loved it.  i know what i'm doing everyday is incredibly important.  i also know that it isn't for everyone, or that anyone who wanted to would have the ability to stay at home with their kids.  so i thank my husband and his career path for giving me the ability to be home with the these littles all day. i also thank my husband for being the type of guy who realizes what i do is important and doesn't get pissed when the house doesn't look perfect.  he believes in what i'm doing and i appreciate him endlessly for that.

i know that the "job" also comes with a lot of stigma attached to it.  often times there can be a constant need to defend what you are doing all day and putting forth an effort to convince people that it's a "real" job. first of all taking care of my kids, isn't a job.  it's a privilege and yeah sometimes it's hard, but most of the time it's awesome and really fun and incredibly rewarding, just like i hope your "job" is. they say the best type of work to do is the type that doesn't feel like working.  you love it, you are passionate about it and wouldn't want to be doing anything else.

i once had the wife of one of my husbands friends explain to me in astounded fashion that she knew a stay at home mom who complained to her about the difficulty of keeping her house clean and having all the laundry done and she just didn't get it "she stays at home, her house should be spotless and her laundry should always be washed".  yeah cause that's why we choose to stay home, so we can clean our house all day.  that's super fun and rewarding, right?  cleaning sucks, i do it once a day, right before mark gets home and then guess what, by the end of the night it's a mess again. and yeah i could spend all day cleaning and doing laundry but i would rather jump on the trampoline with my kids or build an awesome fort or a myriad of other awesome activities or dare i say, take 20 minutes to read blogs i love online. ohhh i know, i shouldn't admit that i do anything other than tend to children every second of the day.  just like the working mom or dad should never admit that the 8 or so hours spent at their work desk, are all solely devoted to work.  so yeah, i'm writing this post while eddie and sydney are playing outside, palmer is asleep and coop is chilling out watching the little mermaid.  i don't think when cooper grows up, she is going to resent me for letting her watch the little mermaid on a cool autumn afternoon after an incredibly fun and busy morning of driving into denver, visiting the museum, meeting her dad for lunch and making yummy halloween cookies.  it's all about balance right? and why in the hell does being the "busiest" mean you're doing the best?  or you win some sort of competition if you are busier than me.

i was going somewhere with this and said this would be short, which was obviously a lie.

my point is, i would really like to take the competition and nasty judgement out of being in this tribe of women.  like i mentioned in my other post, women should unite, we should empower each other instead of compete with each other.  we are all different and that's what makes life interesting and fun.  if you want to work, or if you have to work, get after it and i think it's badass.  if i want to stay home with my kids don't knock me for it. i'm fortunate enough to surround myself with an incredible group of women who work out of the home and who work in the home. i can tell you that we support each other endlessly. it took awhile to find the right group of ladies but i love it and wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. i just wish they were the status quo.

check out this husbands awesome blog post defending his stay at home wife.

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