perception vs. reality

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


i was recently approached by ghergich pr.  they saw my stay-at-home mom post and thought a graphic they designed would be a perfect follow up post.  i actually couldn't agree more.  i'm not really on the whole "i need to defend what i do" soapbox anymore.  it was a small moment of frustration and anger after reading this blog post from matt walsh that fueled my annoyance. but i think this puts things in perspective.
most of my friends are actually stay-at-home moms, so i don't really experience this misconception from my inner circle.  i did however find these stats totally amazing.  i'm super annoyed about the amount of time spent on laundry, which shouldn't surprise anyone who knows me. if we ever win the power ball, that's the first thing i would outsource! 
word-up.  it is an all-day/non-stop job but i'm not going to lie, the second the kids are in bed, this is exactly what i am doing.  chilling out on the couch with a little homeland, sons of anarchy, parenthood or our new fall back channel - hgtv.  
no words.  this is totally true.  i would like someone to figure out how many questions i answer a day because it's a lot, way more than 210!
100k a year!  hot damn.  i will take it.  

in all honesty though, you obviously don't do this job for the money.  you are also pretty darn lucky if you get to do this "job" that doesn't earn any actual income. if you are lucky enough to be a stay at home mom you earn so much more than a paycheck.  you earn time.  time with your kids that doesn't have to be outsourced.  i never have to worry about missing a first or if someone is treating them the way i want them to be treated.  i love this "job", do i get monetarily compensated? no i don't. does it feel nice to know that if i was paid it would be a large sum?  sure.  i get paid with the riches of love, blood, sweat and tears though and you can't actually put a price on that.  being with them everyday makes me feel whole.  it isn't for everyone but it is most certainly for me.  so word up ghergich for putting it into perspective. 


  1. That's mind boggling! $100,000 a year?! All of those stats are just blowing my mind right now! Props to you and all the SAHMs! It's my dream job.