palmer's first haircut

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

little dudes hair grows slow.  i also like the shaggy look on boys but his hair isn't quite thick enough yet to pull it off and it was looking way more mullet than shag, so the time came to cut it. after talking with some friends i decided to take him to sharkey's.  it was love at first site for palmer and cooper.  she has yet to have her hair cut.  i'm afraid it will make her gorgeous curls go away.  (is that a real thing to fear, or am i just making it up?)

he instantly ran up to the hummer to take it for a spin
they had a tv right above the mirror that he could watch and distract him from what was actually happening
he freaked out a little when she first started to cut but then he got a kick out of this mohawk and was fine for the rest of the cut
cooper even got in on the fun

they bagged up some of his hair and took a picture where he looks beyond thrilled to have gone through the experience ;)

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