fall break

Monday, October 21, 2013

holy moly kind kitties....what a week! three out of four kids were sick with a cold that wouldn't quit.  so our options were limited in ways to entertain ourselves. i never want to be that mom who drags her runny nosed and coughing kids around, exposing innocent people to potential illness. i like to be that mom who takes her kids around, exposing people to their adorableness and funny antics.

so for much of the week we were inside. we did manage to have some fun and even had some fun outings when everyone was back to 100%  a bunch of pics after the jump :)

eddie was really itching to make a dessert pizza.  i let all the kids pic out their favorite candy and they went to town.  

we spooked out our yard for halloween
coop helped me make some super yummy pumpkin cupcakes

we went the wildlife experience which was incredibly entertaining 
eddie rebuilt two lego sets that cooper destroyed a few months ago.  for some reason eddie had it in his head that palmer was the one who destroyed them.  i let him go ahead thinking that because it's a lot more logical that palmer did it anyway and you can't get too bad at the little guy, his nickname is destructo after all.  sydney also got the lego building bug and used her allowance to buy a cute little treehouse set. i have a feeling i will be knee deep in legos for at least the next 15 years or so.  we actually have an entire storage room dedicated to all the sets eddie has built.
 we hit up the pumpkin patch, which had a bunch of pumpkins that were unfortunately all spoiled.  we made the most of the little outing though

 cooper and her bff max.  they've been hitting up the pumpkin patch since they were little little 
little peanuts....so cute
 they had this weird spider web looking lounger type thing at the pumpkin patch.  mark loved it and said he wanted to build one in our backyard (he was serious) i said absolutely not and he had a really hard time taking no for an answer.  

that's fall break 2013....despite being sick we were able to pull it together and make a few memories 

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