Bad Blogger

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

hi long lost blogger friends.  well, really i was the only one long lost.  there are many excuses about why i haven't blogged.  many excuses i could give you that would suffice.  i don't want to fib on the good ole blog though, this is the place where i can come and say what's up.  the honest truth is that it sort of felt like a job, a job you don't get paid to do.  i didn't want it to be like that.  so i needed to disconnect and figure out what i wanted to do with his thing. i originally started this blog as a sort of modern day scrapbook for my kids.  then i posted some pure barre before and after pictures and it became more of a fitness blog about what i was eating and how much i was working out.  then i didn't do the half marathon i set out to do.  then i felt embarrassed.  it's hard enough when you don't complete a goal but then to know i had people following along with me made me feel extra icky.  so i want to get back to what this is really about and that's about our life, which of course involves me and my personal goals but really this was for the kids and our family.  i don't think they want to come back here when they are grown and read about my "go-to" salad. and frankly, neither do i. i'm not perfect, far from.  sometimes i set goals and knock that shit right out of the park.  sometimes i set goals and totally fail.

so that's where i am at.  i am still loving pure barre.  i didn't go much after our vacation but i'm definitely committed.  i just love the group of women there and the community of it all.  there are so many places where women are in competition with each other and just plain nasty to one another, as if we don't have enough on our plate, now we all get to judge and be judged by the very people who should be the most empathetic and understanding. i'm not going to sit here and say every person i encounter in a class is lovely and nice but most of the time they are.  so many are gorgeous on the outside but even more importantly, gorgeous on the inside.  so word up pure barre.  you not only gave me a better body but you made me feel better about myself and better about women in general.

ok, so like i said this isn't a fitness blog, it's my family blog.

i love my kids like crazy, i know we all do but i have been feeling lately like the moments with them are so fleeting, especially cooper.  i had to call and inquire about getting her registered for preschool next fall.  yes, that's an entire year away but that means this is my last year with her at home all day long.  it's so sad to me but i know she is beyond excited to start the next journey in her little life.  i enjoy her so much, she is funny and witty and i get her, i totally get her sense of humor and hilarious quirks. she is in such a fun stage of life.  i love it.  on the other hand, her going to preschool means i get tons of one on one time with my little p man, right when he is really starting to talk.  so maybe the timing is perfect.  she got two years of undivided attention from me during the day, so he will also get his (pending any other additions to the mix, which currently IS NOT happening).

moving on....sad news, i left my nice camera charger in telluride and it's gonzo forever.  i haven't gone to pick up a new one yet.  so someone needs to call the blogger police because all the pics that i am about to post are from my trusty iphone.

so to even out this ultra-wordy blog post out.  i will now inundate you with a bunch of pics.  if you want to see them, check it after the jump.  xoxo

we built the most legit fort ever and unfortunately it isn't represented here in the proper way
cooper had her very first face painting, she used to be totally freaked out about anyone painting anything on her face. 
again, my little girl is growing up 
all day. every day.  he loves his tracks.  i love that he has a passion at such a young age.
yes that's my bra, upside down. it looked the same in the store, so don't feel embarrassed about seeing it.  while i was getting ready one day, cooper laid out this outfit for me to wear.  it's good, really good.  
with pants of course. i also like that she was polite enough to lay my imaginary head on a pillow.
one day my stomach sleeping baby decided to take a snooze in this funny position. 
i have a funny husband.  sometimes i walk into the garage and he has planted a gigantic valentine dog in the passenger seat of my car, buckled in and all because safety first even for our stuffed friends.
for the very first time this little dude helped make brownies
we hit up the first ever petting zoo that my kids would actually go in and they both loved it.  
i made a really cute fall front porch display, that is actually way cuter now that i added a few extra things.  i will post a pic on my instagram of the updated front porch. in the meantime, here are some pics of my cute kids on the nice front porch. 

first snow of the season!
cooper is channeling her halloween spirit. originally it was with a really cute cat mask, then it was with a really freaky i'm not even sure what that is mask. 


  1. Welcome back to the bloggy world!

    Don't feel embarrassed that you didn't do your half marathon. Things come up! Stuff happens! Everyone has a goal (or a dozen) they didn't complete, so we can all relate. Last year I set out to run the Turkey Trot in Longmont and Boulder, paid for both, slept through one, and just bailed on the second because I didn't feel like it. It just makes me want to do them even more this year. (I might wait till the day-of to register though...)

    Just remember to blog for yourself. Don't post when you don't have anything to say because you feel like you have to post every weekday or something like that. Being happy with your own blog is obvious to your readers and that's why we all come back and read! If you want to post about running or PB, I would certainly enjoy those posts. If you want to post about your kiddos and your family, I would enjoy those posts as well! Post about whatever you want to post about!

    I like reading about your PB experience. I've only been going since July and while I feel like I've at least made the acquaintance of the instructors, I haven't really made friends with the other women that attend class (which often times are the same people each week). I've chatted with two different girls at two different classes...and I've been 30 times! I need to step up my socialization game here. Tonight PB Boulder is hosting a Bring the Men class and I wanted so badly to go. I had me and Christian all signed up, but then the class changed to 5:30 and Christian couldn't make it anymore. We might still go to the happy hour afterward because it's an opportunity to meet some of the gals that go to PB and I really want that! Luckily, they're having a 60 day challenge starting next Tuesday, so I'll be going a lot more frequently. (I should visit your studio with you one of these days!)

    Anyway, happy Thursday & happy blogging!

    1. You're SO sweet Hannah! Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement. It took me awhile to meet some of the ladies at my PB studio. It really all started when I did the challenge! It gives you something to talk about and everyone is soooo supportive of each other. I'm so happy you are still loving it and it's awesome that you have already done 30 classes!!

      Bring on the men is really fun and totally hilarious. I love that Christian was brave enough to go when he was the only guy!

      You should definitely come visit my studio and then I can come visit yours. I am always curious how the different studios run things.