attempted murder of a goldfish

Thursday, October 24, 2013

yeah, you read it right.  there was an attempted murder of a goldfish.  who is the suspect?  that would be my son, palmer.
yeah this cute little guy
he looks really innocent, doesn't he? i mean he really does, those sparkling blue eyes, white hair and sweet little smile. his face is beyond sweet.  his demeanor doesn't always match it.

so let me take you back a few steps.  really a few years.  it all comes down to one sweet little lady named cooper.
yeah this sweet little girl
she looks really independent doesn't she?  super confident, unafraid of how she is perceived, she does what she wants, she charms in remarkable ways.

well this girl was addicted to stealing the middle spot in her parents bed.  her super cuddly and loving parents, who cherish any moment they can have together, without little people demanding things and asking questions.

yes, these people
we look super cuddly and in love, right?  like no way is anything getting in between us, we are solid, impenetrable.

not true.  i mean, we are legit.  but we have a force in this house that defeats rationality, makes our bed divided, one kicked in the head, one a pillow for a head.

that force is cooper dagny.  she has always been a super cuddly girl, from the moment she was born she preferred me holding her to anything else.  it carried on to toddlerhood and i suppose kidhood (almost four year olds are kids right?)

anyway, getting to the point.  she always snuck into our bed at night, or started there because we were too tired to fight her on it.

we never really pushed the issue of getting her sleeping in her own bed all night. but there was always her very own fish as a reward, or a motivation or a sparkly little prize.  but like a full fish, or a seasoned fish, or a fish who knew better, she never took the bait.

then one day she did.  she slept all night in her bed and she wanted that fish.  i waited another night to make sure she was serious.  she slept another night in her bed.  so off to petsmart we went.  to retrieve a fish named happy.  she was elated, so happy to have happy, incredibly excited.

we get the fish all setup on her bedside table in his lovely little tank.  he has an enjoyable night in his new home.  then i hold an impromptu playdate with my lovely neighbor friends at the house. the kids are running around playing.  mark gets home and is in the kitchen chatting with us.  after a few minutes of silence from the kids, cooper comes out of her room and tells mark he needs to come see happy.  he gets to her room and can see that the whole fish tank has been pulled off the table, all water emptied out of it and the fish is gone. palmer did it, he is the attempted murderer of happy the fish.  mark yells for a cup of water and we get to searching.  we can not find the fish, minutes are going by and the fish is nowhere to be seen.  after about five minutes of searching, i give up.  no way is this fish still alive.  i leave the room and mark keeps searching.  he finally finds the fish, way underneath the bed.  the fish wasn't moving but he picked him up and put him in the the cup of water and he instantly came back to life. that's why this is the story of the attempted murder as opposed to the 1st degree murder of happy the fish.

 he is a superhero fish saver, he perseveres when all others give up
a girl with her fish

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