weekly meal planning

Monday, September 23, 2013

i'm back!  i'm finally all caught up on after vacation activities.  the weather is starting to cool here in CO and that means the last 3 out 4 meals were cooked in a crock pot.  mark and i were at the store yesterday discussing how much more fun it is to cook when it isn't blazing hot outside.

so i'm back at it with my weekly meal planning. i realize i have three crock pot meals on here and most people might not love their crock pot that much and to those people i say "are you crazy"??  being able to pop a few things in the crock pot in the morning, go about your day and then it's just ready when you need it, is just about the closest thing to a personal chef that i can think of. it's such little effort for such an amazing meal.  i also switched up the day that mark makes a creation of his own, so sunday can be "crock pot sunday".  i just think that it goes hand in hand with football!

i also have to add a completely unrelated side note for all my breaking bad people out there.  was last nights episode not the most depressing 75 minutes of tv viewing ever?  i have no idea how this ends up but it can't be good for anyone involved, especially our beloved jesse.

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