Wednesday, September 18, 2013

we just returned (well on monday actually) from telluride, co.  the return of a vacation is always hard.  this return was a little more tough than most.  i returned to a house with many more fruit flies than i would like to see and the prospect of having to figure out the origin of said fruit flies.  i haven't ever searched my home for a burglar or some other type of frightening intruder but i would compare searching for the source of fruit flies as a similar feeling. every door, cabinet or drawer i opened was met with a deep fear of having thousands of sick flies come right at me with a vengeance. i wasn't having any luck and there were plenty of other tasks that i needed to get on, that didn't make me feel scared as all hell.  so i go to do my most household task and discover a very large quantity of these little jerks.  anyway, they were pretty much all in an old swim bag, so i was able to grab the bag and throw it outside, where it still sits until one of us gets the courage to do something with it.

anyway....this is not supposed to be a fruit fly post.

every year during the second weekend of september, we pack up the car with our stuff and our kids and head to the most gorgeous place in the state of colorado and quite possibly the world.  if you haven't been to telluride, then you need to make it happen.  anytime of the year.  we go for their annual blues and brews festival and it's always a great time.  this time didn't disappoint.  the weather wasn't ideal but that's ok, we will take this gorgeous place rainy, snowy, sunny, warm or cold.  it's that awesome.  it's also the place we got married, so it definitely holds a very special place in our heart :)

 more pics after the jump :)

 these aren't all our kids (obviously) we had two other families that joined us for the fun!

 cooper doing a really incredible job posing for the camera....she is too much

 at the festival they always have what i refer too as the "jumpy thing" this was cooper's first year going on it and i am such a sap that i teared up watching my little girl up there.  she is growing up way too fast.  she absolutely loved it.  she is usually so cautious about things, that i was proud of her for getting after it and having a blast.

you wouldn't think from this face that she would ever be scared of anything
 hot posing in the gondola...we're legit
 my beautiful lady
 my handsome fella

 this guy, the first thing i thought when i saw this pic was that you can almost tell exactly what he will look like as an adult. all the baby is gone from his face and holy heck is he handsome and smart and funny to just name a few qualities.
 this lady is there every year too and i finally decided i needed a pic with her.  she happily obliged and then when mark went in for a pic, she told him she was too tired.....hahahahahaha
 typical telluride pose
 sweet rock climbing skills
sweet sleeping baby boy
and last but certainly not least....the man who works so hard to provide us with these incredible experiences.  thanks love, you're the best ever! 


  1. How have I lived in Colorado my whole life and never been to Telluride?! That's happening in the next year...period!

    1. Yes! Get on it! It's a pretty long drive but totally worth it!