my most hated household task

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

ok so i am obviously not running (more on that another day) but i still need to complete tasks.  so organizing the main level of our home has been task numero uno.

now you are asking yourself, what is amanda's most hated household task.  let me tell you, i'm sure you can't wait to find out.

that task would be laundry.  i hate it.  hate hate hate.  i know hate is a strong word but it's appropriate in this case. i am really bothered by the fact that laundry is a task that is NEVER completed.  no matter what, people are making clothes sicky ass dirty all day long.  i'm sweating in barre or sweating chasing after small children, the kids are just dirty, even when they don't try and mark has at least two outfit changes a day.  unfortunately for him, he doesn't get to wear workout clothes to work like i do.

my hatred of laundry really transferred to the look of my laundry room.  i'm about to reveal a very intimate detail of our lives over here in castle rock.

the before of my laundry room

 it's sick i know.  this is the sink i use to clean all my paintbrushes.  it has a totally weak faucet which we will eventually switch out.  i needed to complete this project without spending any dolla dolla bills.  and believe it or not, i did.  i didn't spend a penny.  i used paint we already had and spruced this dungeon of torture right up.

the afters

so here goes, this is how i turned my dungeon of torture into a place of laundry delight
first thing, find an actual place to store all the shizz on your counters.  the funny thing was that those cabinets above the sink, were totally under-untilized and basically empty.  i just threw stuff into this room.  it was our catchall for crap.  i found great places for everything you see and a lot of it actually ended up staying in this room but in a way more organized fashion. then paint your ugly honey wood cabinets.  i hate this wood.  i have almost completely banished it from our main level.  the master bathroom is next  but i had to paint it and doesn't it look a million times better and way more like a laundry room than a torture chamber?  yes it does.  it's much more lovely. 
i'm really into open cabinets right now, especially in tight spaces.  i think it opens up the room and also puts storage solutions right in your face.  so you can't just toss things around when it's obvious there are gorgeous baskets ready to organize the shizz out of your shizz.
ok. so here we are at the dreaded sink.  like i said, the last thing i am going to spend any money on, is my laundry room.  no amount of money will make me love what happens here.  so i did what i could with what i had, and i must admit, i have been all over the laundry since this little makeover.  i'm usually constantly behind but not in the past week and a half.  which leads me to believe there has to be something to this little makeover. 

i didn't want to buy a new sink, and i didn't want to look at this messy one anymore.  so i went into the garage and found this. 
we used this first on eddie's cement floors and then in the garage.  we still had some left over and i figured if it works on a garage, why wouldn't it work on my sink.  so i went to town and painted it right up.  it's held up awesome and i would recommend this to anyone who has a utility sink they hate. 

this is one of my most favorite organizing projects ever.  i still hate laundry, but at least i like the room i am doing it in. 

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