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Monday, September 2, 2013

i will have a meal plan tomorrow!  we had the lovely pleasure of hosting my brother and sister-in-law for the weekend and meal planning wasn't on the menu, but lot's of eating, drinking and socializing was!  it was a great labor day weekend and i officially feel under the gun to get ready for our annual trek to telluride. we will leave next thursday and if you follow me on pinterest, you already know i am trying to put together some good outfits.  festival style is an actual thing.  it's an actual for real style. it's combining the cute with the practical, because we will most likely go through all four seasons in a single day.  it takes a lot of planning and layering and boots.  and looking like you didn't spend a second planning it.  it's complicated, ok.  that's why it takes research.  mark doesn't get it but i hope you do.

here are a few of my fav festival looks that i have discovered.
 love the boots, love the poncho and look at all those crazy ass people in the background who are camping on a weird incline, that indicates a real passion for the festival.  
 you can never rock too many bracelets, never ever and especially never ever at a festival.  tons of bracelets is so coo at a festival.  maybe not the office but def the festival.
 it's also really cool to walk around with a vintage bottle of coca cola classic while wearing a bunch of bracelets, too bad they don't sell vintage bottles of diet coca cola, cause I would totally rock that.
cutoffs, cute hat, lightweight floral jacket type thing is super festival style.  i could never in my life get away with this hat, or the strategic placement of my hand on the hat, but this is cute, super cute. 

k. i promise to return to normal tomorrow.  i have so many cute pictures of the kids to share, so get pumped up. 

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