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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cara Box

hi there!  do you love meeting new people?  do you love getting to know them and then they send you a box of cool stuff, specifically picked out for you.  my colorado blog buddy hannah, over at hannah, here! posted about something called a cara box.  i instantly knew i was totally into this whole concept.  read more about it at yet another colorado bloggers site wifessionals. she pairs you with two other bloggers, one you will send a box to and one that will send a box to you.  the gal that i was paired to send a box to was so so lovely and i really had a great time picking out her cara box items.  you can check out what i sent her on her blog, the artsy cajun

i hit the jackpot with the gal who got paired to send to me.  her name is kendra, check out her blog {hallie}lujah she was as sweet as could be and we had a lot of awesome email exchanges. i really connected with her.  she has two gorgeous little girls, is married and a 1st grade teacher!!! hello, i admire teachers more than anything.  having kids in school really makes you realize that being a teacher is such an investment and takes so much of your heart and time.  i really commend anyone who takes that on. kendra is also southern! and didn't disappoint when it came to southern charm. so if you are ready to see how adorable my cara box was, check it out after the jump.

the full box, she included an incredibly heartfelt letter that really was the best part of the gift
 in true southern fashion she made a monogram and then put it on a totally comfy tee for me, this was def my favorite part of the box, i love it and wear it all the time
 a magazine of awesome christmas decorating ideas, i haven't stopped looking at this and if you are the person who i am sending to in the next cara box exchange, i'm totally stealing this idea to send to you! 
 i feel like some of my best friends might not know how much i love sunflower seeds, but my sweet little kendra knew and i have been snacking on these in my car almost daily
 chick-fil-a is like the in-n-out of awesome fast food joints.  it isn't everywhere, it's incredibly tasty and you feel lucky when you spot one.  it's my all time favorite place to pick up some quick and relatively healthy lunch for the kiddos and me.  it's tradition to go after our music class every tuesday!  so we will be in this drive through line today people! oh and on a side note, please recognize her totally legit handwriting skills.  it looks similar to mine, but better.  i love it. 
 ummmmm yep!  hair ties.  these are my faves.  i don't really wear my hair up because i have some super silly sticky out ears.  so having these types of hair ties is huge, they don't dent your hair.  so i can go workout, or throw my hair up for an awesome jump sesh on the trampoline then i take the hair tie out and it doesn't look like i had it in for a second. that's a big eared girls dream!
 take note people, take note.  according to super teacher kendra these are the best pencils in all the land.  teacher recommended, awesome teacher mrs. echols recommended.  she also sharpened all them of before she sent them to me.  i love her soooo much, what a nice touch because let's be honest, sharpening pencils is a pain in the ass.  
always saw this, never bought it.  why?  i don't know.  it looked really fancy.  was i ready for such a fancy lip balm, well apparently i was when someone else bought it for me.  this is awesome and if you have been questioning whether or not to buy it, do it, right this second!

so big ups to my sweet little sender.  i adore you and feel so lucky we were paired!  

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