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Friday, September 6, 2013

i decided every friday i want to document with pictures and a few words a day of my life at home with the kiddos.  you don't think to pull out the camera for the everyday things you do, but i think those everyday seemingly mundane things, will be the memories you look back on and wish you could go right back to that moment. of course so will be the big vacations, graduations, etc.  but there is something sweeter, more relaxed and lovely in how we all interact during a regular old day.  so none of this will probably be very interesting to you but i want to be able to come back one day and see what our days were like before we had to rush off to school, hurry to finish homework and run around to after school activities.  we just get to hang around with each other, find fun things to occupy our time, break up the occasional sibling argument and spend almost of our day together.

so here goes.  i just decided to do this yesterday, so my only choice was to document thursday, september 6th.

i wish i would have had my camera in the morning, because coop is notorious for sneaking into our bed (although i don't mind so much), so i usually wake up with a hand or a foot on my head.  she really likes to spread out right in the middle with her feet usually planted on marks stomach and her head planted on mine.  it makes for a comfortable and relaxing night sleep ;) mark was out of town so i was flying solo this morning.

these curls, i love them so 
more of the day after the jump.  it's picture heavy :)

we woke up and they both had a bath before we headed off to my friends house for a playdate.  it's been an incredibly hot end to summer around here, so they had a splash pool to play in.

but of course they wanted nothing to do with the pool when they could make a huge mess and poor sand all over each other in the sandbox.  i will most likely be attempting to remove small grains of sand from the head for the next few months.  it was all in good fun though. 

after returning home.  we put the little one down for a nap while cooper watched a show and i tidied up the house that somehow manages to look like a tornado went through it in only the short hour that we were awake and in it this morning. 

then the little man wakes up. 
and goes straight for his cars.  he is car obsessed, i find it adorable and endearing. 
then it's off to run afternoon errands, where this always happens, every single day.  she just needs a little cat nap and perks right up as we get to where we are going. 
we are on the trampoline at least once a day but we had to wait until it cooled down.  we have a little thing that we call the "friendship jump".  we hold hands and i jump and the kids love that they jump right along with me with absolutely no effort on their part.  
 he is obvs going to have a car on the tramp.  he doesn't go anywhere without at least one.
jumping skillz
checking out the scenery
 we headed inside for dinner (turkey burgers) where cooper happily ate
 and palmer unhappily didn't eat. 
after dinner ice cream
followed by the dreaded folding of laundry 
followed by some interesting tooth brushing form on palmer's part and then off to read books and hit the hay, while i anxiously wait for my fabulous husband to return from his business trip.  
it was a good thursday.   

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