what i have been googling and picture updates

Thursday, August 15, 2013

have you all been wondering what i have been googling?  i'm sure you have! i mean why wouldn't you be curious about this?

so here goes - i have been googling "how to run a half marathon with little to no training"

here are the results I get

this blog makes it sound somewhat doable

this blog makes it sound really really long

this blog makes me feel like i can do it

this is what i am chanting to myself until i'm convinced it's true

ok, you are probably all asking yourselves "what the hell happened, i thought she was totally running" and no none of those pretty pictures with my treadmill running stats were fake!  the problem is i was running.  remember this post where i referred to those seven miles i was going to have to run on a treadmill?  worst running experience ever.  it was miserable and i haven't run since.  i'm almost scared to run.  i know that sounds ridiculous but having a bad run f's with you mentally - big time. so i need to get my mental mojo back.  i suppose it's only been 10 days since my last run and i can get back on board but i won't have as much mileage under my belt as i did in my first half-marathon.  the thing is though, that i am doing this half-marathon no matter what. my dad, husband and kids want to wait for   me for at the finish line and right now, seeing their proud faces is something that i'm not going to give up on. my first half went easier than i thought and i know i can do it, which is huge.  i also think if i can  get a long run in between now and the date of the race, that i will be a-ok.  i need to really get myself there mentally.  because another bad run could ruin it and like they always say, so much of running is totally mental.

moving on.  i have been rocking the pure barre and it's exactly one month since this started, so i have some 30 days progress pictures for you.  after the jump

it's not anything to flip out over but it's only been 30 days.  i feel MUCH better (besides that whole running thing)!  i am a lot stronger, got a TON of my flexibility back and i know i can make some legit strides in the next thirty days.

i also need to add that i did twelve pure barre classes and also two other barre classes at two different studios.  in case you are curious, they were a legit workout but they don't hold a candle to pure barre.  i will dedicate a post to that at some point.

i read once that the first place you gain weight, is the last place you lose.  i always gain weight in my hips and bum first, then my arms, abs and back follow.  so i can see the most difference in my abs, arms and back.  my bum is definitely smaller (notice the bunching in the bikini bottoms on the after pic and the stretched out on the before pic) but my hips are slow to get on the weight loss and toning up boat!

i went back and looked at my original before and after post and i can see that the difference in my hips didn't really come into play until the day 60 pics.  so that will definitely help keep me motivated!

that's all i've got for today folks, i need to go back to chanting my new little mantra.


  1. Hey! I was just wondering what other barre studios you tried and why they don't hold a candle to PB? I started barre at a different studio than PB about a month ago and I'm just wondering what the big difference is before I try it :) thanks!

    1. Hey! I tried the Barre Code in Chicago and a studio that is local to CO called Ballet Physique. It could just be the fact that PB was where I got started and for that simple fact I'm super invested in their class style. The main I had with Barre Code was that it incorporated cardio into the workout. I would rather focus on cardio outside of the studio and strength training, inside of the studio. I would say the same for Ballet Physique and the instructor talked a lot during class about personal things that she had done the weekend before. It was super distracting! Pure Barre is very structured, with incredible teachers and you are expected to keep that mind body connection during class. I also have to mention that I went to a different PB studio that is closer to my house and the experience there wasn't the same. I think since it's a franchise, each individual owner runs things a little different. So I guess it really comes down to personal preference but you should give PB a try and then let me know what you think!!