Week Five Meal Plan

Monday, August 12, 2013

i'm back!  the big littles are back in school, so my life will return to a somewhat more structured schedule.  cooper was soooo sad when the kids went out the door.  she has been begging me to go to preschool but i just can't do it, not yet.  i love my time with her too much and time with your children goes by so fast anyway, that i'm going to soak it all in while i can.  so preschool will wait until next year.
seriously....we have a third grader and a FIFTH grader.  see what i mean about time going fast
 love these cuties
i am moving right along with my fitness schedule.  i have to admit that the running part of it hasn't been that fun for me.  i'm trying to do most of it on the treadmill at home and it's just soooo boring. i'm still loving pure barre though!

i should have posted my meal plan last night but breaking bad premiered and i wasn't going to be doing anything other than watching it.  if you want to watch the greatest show that has ever existed (i'm not exaggerating), please do yourself a favor and start watching breaking bad, IMMEDIATELY.
if you did watch, then you should appreciate this

that's all for now.  if you want my meal plan for the week, it's after the jump :)