we had a late night

Saturday, August 17, 2013

*update: she just cried nonstop for the past half hour about her pet pig (fake) that won't oink anymore.  so while all of what i wrote below is true, she totally buzkilled it.  crying video about oinking coming to my instagram shortly.

hi friends.  we had a late night.  like up until the am.  i don't usually, actually ever do this. it really can't happen when you have kids.  but a happy hour with some of our besties and a few people who have major potential to be besties, turned into a late night at our house, with pizza and wine.  it was fun, like major fun.  i don't regret a single moment.  i'm still up early, with my kids, albeit watching chicken little with our pj's on but i'm present, they have no idea i was up until the morning.  i felt the need to blog when cooper was looking at me with a funny face and a funny smile, being super silly and i just thought...how can i freeze this moment forever and how is this kid mine.  how did i get so lucky, i surely didn't deserve it, i didn't deserve her, i didn't do all the right things to earn my spot as her mother.  yet here i am, her mother. so i will earn, appreciate, cultivate, love and cherish the fact that somehow, someway, by chance I was gifted with this beautiful, strong, hilarious, sweet, clever, wise and amazing little lady. i love you cooper dagny quam.  you make me believe in things that i never thought i would.

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