recap: day 18 of 60 days to a better body

Thursday, August 1, 2013


another fun day! in the morning i hosted a playdate/lunch with two of my favorite mammas and their cute kids.  instead of a supplying a bunch of snacks that are bad for you, i made a salad bar and it was a hit. the kids obviously didn't have a salad bar, they had pizza.  they should take advantage of their high metabolisms for as long as they can!

as soon as our buddies left, i put p man down for a nap and hit the treadmill.  then the grandest dad/grandpa/pappy in all the land stopped by to give syd her late birthday present.  the man created a birthday tradition that will one day become very expensive. it all started a few years back when eddie was having a birthday, my dad asked what to get him.  i told him a crisp $50 bill would be the coolest present ever.  he went to the bank and they didn't have any new crisp $50 bills.  so what was the man to do? he went ahead and got a new crisp $100 bill.  welp, there is no going back from there. if you ever tried to give anything less than $100, it would be a buzzkill.  so he is on the hook for eddie and sydney with cooper and p man soon to follow, then if we really get crazy and have another baby, pappy will be shelling out $500 a year just in my kids birthday presents.  

i remember growing up that my grandpa (my moms dad, whom palmer is named after) used to always mail us a couple $20 bills for our birthdays and i thought it was the best thing ever.  so it's nice of pappy to carry on a similar tradition.  

he also has another lovely tradition that he started about six months ago.  every time he comes to visit, he brings some books for cooper and reads them to her.  this is the first time palmer really wanted in on it and he had a blast. 

it's such an amazing gift to have a family filled with people who all love each other so very much.  my kids are incredibly lucky to grow up in such a thoughtful, compassionate, patient, fun and loving environment.  i couldn't ask for anything more

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