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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

hi!  i am over blogging about what i eat every. single. day.  i did like it at first because it held me accountable and made sure i stayed on course for the beginning of my "getting fit" journey but now it's boring and old and i don't know how many different ways i can make a sweet potato and my go-to salad seem interesting. plus there is something creepy about taking pictures of every meal you eat. i am into a good routine and won't screw it up.

i do have to say that i actually really love the whole meal planning part of the week so i will keep posting my meal plans on monday as well as the total amount of miles i ran each week and how many times i got my behind to pure barre. then of course you will get the updated bikini shot at the end of my 60 days.

the weekend
 fun in the sun
this little face
a new pet snake named sissy
 our annual trip to boulder
 old chicago
matching friendship bracelets
awesome toy store

we made our annual trek to boulder.  we like to go once a year, walk around pearl street, go to the awesome toy store and just have fun.  boulder is an incredible place....to visit.  i wouldn't want to live there but we always have a blast when we go. 

the big littles went back to their moms on sunday, after ten days with us.  so it sure is quiet around here.   they are on their last week of summer vacation and then back to school.  this summer FLEW by. 

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