My take on Carrie Dorr's Top 5 Tips on How to Get the Most out of your PB workout

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

who is carrie dorr you ask?  she is the founder and chief concept officer for pure barre. she is also capable of looking like this, right after a baby:
for real people. word to this mother
when i saw this picture i was amazed!  i have no idea if she has some spanx on under that cute workout outfit, but i suspect not.  you can see she stayed in great shop throughout her pregnancy and didn't take getting knocked up as the opportunity to oink the f out. whoever said you have to eat for two, was a big liar. but if you want to oink out, i am down and that is your right.  it will just take a lot longer to shed those extra pounds and let me tell you, there isn't a whole lot of time for working out right after you have a baby.  and also, whoever said breastfeeding burns 500 calories, was a big fat liar too because i never ever experienced that.  i didn't lose weight until i started working out and eating healthy.  

anyway, moving on.  i really am pretty much going to heed this woman's advice because she obviously knows what's up.  a couple of days ago, she did a post on pure barre's fb page with five tips to get the most out of your time at the barre.  why not push yourself as hard as you can.  i want that hour away from my kiddos to really really count.  

her post after the jump

My Top 5 Tips On How to Get the Most Out of Your Pure Barre Workout (Post by Carrie Dorr, Pure Barre Founder and Chief Concept Officer)

1. Focus. This may be the most difficult, yet most important tip I have. I recently saw the female brain depicted as a pinball machine! As women, our brains run constantly and they run fast. It’s difficult to not think about emails, texts, picking up kids, groceries, doctor appointments, or "What am I going to wear to that?" The mind-body connection is an extremely powerful one, and if you can tap into it and keep the mind chatter away for 55 minutes, you will not only achieve better results, but you will feel refreshed and breathe easier, at least for a little bit!

2. Be Consistent. Pure Barre is like any other discipline or sport: the more frequently you do it, the better you get at it; the more you understand it, the deeper you can work, and the more you enjoy it! Personally, I will remind myself of this during ski season as I am wondering why I don’t improve when I only ski twice a season.

3. Use the leader muscle. The class is organized by sections, and despite the music, choreography, and positions changing every time, the format of class will remain consistent. Each section has a leader muscle which should lead your movement, meaning it should move first. For example, in the seat section, your seat is the leader. If you were doing an exercise in tabletop and looked in the mirror, you should see your seat move first, before your leg, calf, or foot. Lead your movement with the muscle you are trying to shape.

4. Avoid mirror and teacher obsession. I actually do Pure Barre myself without a mirror and have my eyes closed the majority of the time. The mirrors are a necessity for many reasons in a group fitness environment and they can be beneficial when you can’t feel if you are out of position, but can see it. HOWEVER, they can be a distraction if you let them. I myself am guilty of thinking about how my eyebrows are a train-wreck during thigh work. I always say that the best teachers are so verbally clear that I don’t have to look at them once during class; I can stay in my zone the entire time. Next class, pay attention to how much you are looking in the mirror and at the teacher, because neither of those things will help you get the most out of your hour.

5. Let the music take you to the next level. There have been a ton of studies on how music impacts the brain during exercise. The songs used in class have been carefully selected per section. I truly believe that music can take your workout to the next level, so go ahead and let it push might just have some fun while you are at it!

needless to say that when i got to class this morning, i was feeling super inspired to work my butt off, literally!

her #1 tip on focus was the hardest one for me to really stick too.  i was thinking about writing this blog and then subsequently telling myself to stop it, since i was going to be blogging about focusing on barre, not on coming up with a blog post while in a barre class.  

so that's when i moved to tip #4, which was close my eyes, and did it for almost the entire class.  it was easier for me to hear what the teacher was saying and focusing on my form and pushing myself while my eyes were closed.  no idea why exactly.  i do tend to see how i am stacking up with other women in the the class, i'm just competitive like that.  it's about pushing myself though, not thinking "hey that pretty gal next to me has her leg way higher in the air than mine". so i was able to really focus without those thoughts coming into my mind. 

i feel like i am already pretty solid in tip #3.  it took me awhile to get there and gaining a better understanding of what muscle should be working definitely helped. my tip is to always utilize your teacher after class.  they want you to get the most out of the exercise and i have found them always eager and excited to help you with form and answer any and all questions.

i know i am skipping around but i'm going to tip #2 now. this is HUGE.  i have struggled with consistency which i touched on a little here. if you are thinking of dropping pure barre for awhile - do not do it.  just go once or twice a week but if you quit completely and ever want to go back, you will be starting at square one.  albeit not as awkward looking as your very first class but it's not like riding a bike, where you can just get on and go.

last but not least, tip #5.  pure barre has some of the best music ever.  a ton of the stuff they play in class is what's on my running playlist so i obviously love the tunes and they definitely get me super motivated.

after carrie's awesome tips, i was able to have one of my best pure barre classes ever this morning!

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  1. This is an awesome read 2 hours before my next PB class. I was on the fence about cancelling all day and now I'm past that window, so I'm in it to win it. Yesterday was HARD! My brain and my body were not doing it and I just could not focus.

    I'm definitely going to take all these tips to heart for tonight's class (and beyond). I don't think I stare at the mirror too much, in fact, I'm frequently on the barre on the wall without a mirror, but yesterday I was using the mirror to watch one of the instructors who was taking the class. I tried to mirror (ha!) her movements, but she was across the room and I didn't have my glasses on, so it turned into a distraction and I got discouraged. Obviously she's an instructor so it's not her 15th class or whatever, but she's also the most toned and the strongest instructor at PB Boulder from what I can see. It's like, hello! Stop comparing myself to her!

    I'm definitely going to FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS tonight and try not to pay attention to any instructors who might be taking the class tonight or the other girls, which I do as well.

    Love this post!