i've been doing stuff

Thursday, August 22, 2013

blogging obvs isn't involved in any of the stuff i have been doing.  i never got around to meal planning because mark was out of town, so i pretty much just eat salmon when he is gone, because he hates it.  i will be back to meal planning this weekend, before breaking bad is on of course!

so, here is what has been happening.  i'm still doing awesome going to pure barre at least 4 days a week but i haven't logged any time in my running shoes.  i'm just so uninspired to run right now.  what i need is some nice cool weather.  it's been in the high 80's & 90's here for the past few weeks.  running in the heat is my most hated way of running, i just won't do it.  i'm also just over the treadmill, over it. i will get a few runs in before the half and my goal will be to just finish the darn thing!  i am going to go into it with zero pressure and zero expectations and see how it ends up.

the most important thing i have been doing is playing with these cuties.

 palmer is all about anything and everything that has wheels, we can push a car back and forth to each other for hours
 first time ever putting makeup on her brother, probably won't be the last

we are back in the school grind, coop won't start preschool until next year but she sure likes to pretend, so every morning she puts her backpack on to take the bigs to school

 this bozo lives a complicated life, sometimes he is getting punched and other times he is getting hugged

so one morning as i was looking for some shoes in the closet, the stupid closet door that is constantly falling off, fell off and onto my head.  i was soooo annoyed and decided i had enough and something was going to change.  

i turned the closet into a mudroom
the cost of this project was about $10.  all i needed were the bulletin boards and baskets, which i got at ikea.  we had the bench sitting awkwardly on a wall and i knew it would be the perfect place to store shoes.  kid shoes look nice and pretty for about a day, then they look, well not so nice and pretty.  so i want them hidden away.  we have another closet (that will have to be organized later) where i stored the majority of the coats that aren't being used.  i feel a million times better knowing this is a way more functional space. i also literally did this in about an hour.  for real.

another project that had been looming was our way too dark half bathroom.  it is a really dark brown and i just wasn't down with it.  especially because the wall outside this bathroom is a dark grey and it was clashing and way too dark.  dark dark dark. we needed some light! the before picture is terrible.  my regular camera has been out of commission so it's from the trusty iphone. i also apologize that the toilet is up, i think that's super sick. 
this bathroom has an nyc theme and we plan on filling that entire left wall with prints that represent a city that we really really love and adore.  this project was done on the cheap as well. the paint was about $20 and then i got a nice new mirror for about $20 at home goods.  we already had all the prints but decided to compile them on the same wall. 

last but not least, i've been spray painting cheapo stuff from the dollar store with gold spray paint. all of the painted kids toys are now decorative accessories in the kids playroom.  then when the gold trend ends (which we all know it will) i can just respray these little dudes with whatever the "it" color is and we will always be in style.  i even went a little crazy and even spray painted some of our cheap ikea wine glasses and a vase.

that's all i have for now. 


  1. i'm loving the bathroom update! great idea doing a NY theme. Hugs-J.W.

  2. Love this! What a great idea to spray paint toys!