Week 1 Meal Plan & Schedule

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy Sunday!! It's almost time to get my 60 days of running and pure barre on!  

I wanted to post my meal plans for the week.  I am only going to post the dinners.  I am very boring when it comes to breakfast and lunch and almost always eat the same thing.  For breakfast I eat either hard boiled eggs (just the egg white, I can't deal with the consistency of the yolk, plus the yolk is packed with calories) or scrambled eggs.  For lunch I almost always have a salad.  Which consists of spinach, turkey pepperoni, green olives and some light mozzarella.  I'm not big on salad dressing and prefer my salads dry, which many people think is nutso, but it's my food and I will eat it how it want ;)  I will say though, that the dressing we make with our Wednesday meal this week (Kevin Bacon Salad) is super delish and easy to make.

My sister-in-law, Dr. Brittany (yes, she really is a Dr.), is a big breakfast person though.
Brit and Me in Vegas for her Bachelorette, look how fit this lady is!

I hit her up via email for some suggestions on awesome, healthy and tasty breakfast options.  Here they are!  Below each picture is a link to a similar recipe.

 overnight oats with brown rice protein powder mixed in
protein pancake
 egg whites, salsa, avocado
scrambled egg whites with spinach, tomato, avocado, low fat cheddar
and greek yogurt when she is in a hurry

I have to note that meal planning is going to be the most difficult part of this for me, even more so than running dozens of miles per week  I don't hate cooking but I also don't love it.  I'm not creative when it comes to recipes, so almost everything I post will have a link to the recipe that some other brilliant person came up with.  With that said, I started off week one with some of my favorite healthy recipes that I love!  Sunday will most likely always be my free day!  This Sunday, we will be in Chicago to visit my brother and sis-in-law and see Justin Timberlake and Jay Z perform TOGETHER!  Follow me on instagram to see pics as we travel.  Links to the recipes are below the meal plan.

pork chops stuffed with feta and spinach
kevin bacon salad
taco salad (I ALWAYS use ground turkey)
turkey burger
Come back tomorrow morning for my "before" pic!!!  

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