The Fourth of July

Saturday, July 6, 2013


I hope everyone had an awesome Fourth!!  I love the good ole USA and celebrating our independence, is one of my most favorite things to do.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, to all the brave young men and women who risk their lives for our freedom. 

I didn't do much documenting of the day, since it was spent at the pool but here is a short little video of our community pool party.  It's really really fun and yet another reason I love this neighborhood we get to call home. 

It was always a very exciting day because it was the first time Eddie and Sydney got to wear their Cochlear in the swimming pool!  They are water resistant, but not water proof, so we have always had to take them off before they enter the water.  

If you are a cochlear user, click here to check out the aqua accessory!  We can attest that it worked perfectly! I would HIGHLY recommend wearing a swim cap with these.  They hold them in place really well, because the last thing you want to be doing during a fun swim day, is diving to the bottom of the pool to find your very expensive Cochlear.

Here they are!  Ready to go. 

I took a short video of them in the pool.  I could actually talk to them!  It was awesome.  Normally they can't hear a thing and it's been a little (or a lot) isolating in the past, especially when they are playing with friends in the water and aren't able to hear.  It's also annoyed a few lifeguards, who will try to correct something the kids are doing in the pool (like hanging on the rope, running when they should walk, etc.) and they can't hear a thing, so the lifeguard thinks that they are straight up ignoring them.  Until I walk over and let them know the kiddos are deaf and then the lifeguard feels like a real jerk.


Yippee!!  It was an awesome 4th!

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