recap: day six of 60 days to a better body - Free Day!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Can I just tell you guys that I am writing this feeling like ka-ka.  It was free day, which should be super fun but I feel tired, bloated and not great.  I need to rethink how "free" I get on the next free day.  I went to the 9:30 barre class and it was so hard.  The owner Briget was teaching and she is one tough cookie.  It was an incredibly tough class.  I got out and was famished.  I decided to run by Subway on the way home and grabbed a foot long turkey sub (five dollar, five dollar foooot loooong)  I got home and straight up ate the whole thing....mistake.  A 6 inch sub would have been suffice!  

So here goes

fuel for the day

Breakfast: a larabar, on my next free day I will be sure to eat a bigger breakfast, so I don't make incredibly stupid decisions after burning a bunch of calories in barre

Lunch: Ugh....the dreaded five dollar, five dollar fooooot loooong

Dinner: If you saw my meal plan, you know my hubs takes over dinner planning on the free day.  He actually loves to cook (unlike me) and was seriously giddy making this homemade fried chicken.  It was his first time making it and he was very excited.  Here are the deets on the din din.

Mark's Meal

Mark found this recipe online and was all over it.  He always wanted to make homemade fried chicken and decided today was the day
 apparently the oil needed to be at a specific temperature 
 flouring up the chicken
 he is so excited, he almost ate it raw (puked in my mouth a little)
 ready to go!
 frying it up!
finished product

When I asked Mark how he felt it went, he rated it a C.  Why?  It wasn't crispy enough and if he got it at a restaurant he would be super pissed.  He promises to perfect it (stay tuned).  I agree with his analysis but need to note that the actual chicken without the fried part, was delish.

exercise for the day
9:30 am KILLER pure barre class

fun for the day
 cleaning cars and playing in the water
 jumping on the trampoline, I have to say that I am so smitten with this little dude right now, it's amazing.  I can't get enough of him.  He is such a boy and it's so much fun. It's such a different parenting experience from Cooper at this age, and I love how new all the little things he does are.  
My beautiful girl 

Summing up what I learned.  I won't go so crazy on my free day.  It's amazing how much better you feel and how much more energy you have when you are fueling your body with clean food.

I will be back tomorrow with the meal plan for next week, then it's off to Chi Town for a fun couple of days. 

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