recap: day seven of 60 days to a better body - Week two meal plan

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hi There!  This is going to be super short, since I am Chicago!
I am in Chicago on Monday, so I obvs won't be able to cook this at home.  I will however be at RPM Italian, hoping Guiliana Rancic comes in and she will realize we are destined to be BFF's.  Here is a healthy Italian recipe, in honor of RPM.

I love fish tacos and these will be the perfect thing to eat for dinner after a few days away.  Super fresh.

I haven't ever had gnocchi, so I am exited to try it out! 

Don't these look terrible for you, they are actually zucchini!?  They are packed with cheese, I wouldn't add this much cheese and I would definitely use turkey sausage, but these look delish!

Super yummy grilled salad

Our first evening here was great.  Dr. Britt and Cam picked us up from the airport and Britt and I had on the exact same jean vest.  What the heck are the chances?  So funny.  We had a yummy sushi dinner, a few drinks and then they dropped us off at our hotel.

On my schedule for today I was supposed to run 5 miles. No way was that happening when I was leaving my sweet kiddos for two days.  I wanted to hang with them as much as I could.  So, I will be paying for it by having an impromptu two-a-day tomorrow morning.  I am going to run my 5 miles and then I am going to cheat on Pure Barre with a place called Barre Be Fit.  It's local to Chicago and I am interested to see how it compares.  I am also hoping to get out for my run before the Chicago heat and humidity knocks me on my ass. Running around Lake Michigan is way more fun than running on a treadmill.


  1. Hi Amanda, hope you have a fun trip. I hope you find time to get your exercise in.

    1. Thank you SO much Betty! I actually just got down with my run around Lake Michigan! I love Chicago. Now off to a new and different barre class! I will be sure to post about how it goes!