recap: day four of 60 days to a better body

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Is it already day four?  yes indeedy so! We are moving right along.  Did I mention that my hubs is doing this with me?  He isn't doing barre (he did one time), evidenced below. He is getting his workout on big time though and I am hoping he will get to do the half marathon with me in September.

Moving right along, here are my meals and exercise for the day.  I also included some pictures of the most important stuff that I did today and everyday which was hanging out with my kiddos who are beautiful, funny, charismatic, sweet and a million other things that can't be summed up in one blog.  
I am so lucky I get to soak up the sun with them and share in all their experiences all day long.  
I wouldn't have it any other way and thanks to my hardworking husband for making it happen.  

Breakfast: once again Suja Juice

Lunch: lunch at the pool with my go-to salad.  Sorry I'm so boring when it comes to lunch, I make up for my lunch-boringness in many other aspects of my life

Dinner: yummy Anne Byrn's Chicken Piccata, which I just realized I never sourced on my meal planning post.  Here it is We LOVE this meal.  It is normally served on top of pasta, but Mark opted for no pasta and I opted for mine on top of some greens.  It's amazing flavorful. Out of all the things I made this week, I would highly recommend trying this out. 


we went to the pool to beat the heat
had a yummy lunch (who DOESN'T like their pb&j shaped like a bunny?)
Palmer LOVED the green olives from my go-to salad. He is definitely my kid
 had lots of laughs
 practiced a little yoga
serious business right here. future yogi in the making?

On a side note, does anyone out there ever let your kids do something mildly wrong, that has no potential danger factors, simply because it's keeping them entertained while you are rushing to get ready and out of the house?  

 like your daughter taking all the dirty clothes off the floor of your closet and putting them into the bathtub?  
while your son sets the musical soundtrack with his sweet harmonica skills


  1. That's awesome your hubby and your brother do Pure Barre with you gals! I have yet to see a boy within a 100 yard radius of PB Boulder, but I told my BF he has to do the PB videos that I just got with me this weekend. He's a personal trainer and teaches boot camp, but I want to see his muscles shaking!

    Keep up the good work, Amanda! You're a fitness inspiration to us all!

    1. Thanks Hannah! Every once in awhile the studio does a special night where you get to bring you man to the barre. So there are a bunch of guys in there, which makes them feel more comfortable and provides huge laughs for the women.

      Let me know what you think about the dvd's! Someone asked me about them the other day but I haven't done them, so I was clueless. You should blog about how it goes.