recap: day five of 60 days to a better body

Friday, July 19, 2013

High five for day five!  Seriously though, happy friday!  I am nearing the end of week one.  I think the first week is the most difficult since I am reestablishing my routine and building back up to where I was, then hopefully moving beyond that.  I really feel so encouraged by all the lovely comments that people have left on my blog, on facebook, on twitter and on pinterest.  So thank you!  I wasn't really feeling my run yesterday, but knowing that I have people out there encouraging me, really made me rally through.  I was so happy I did it and I swear you never ever regret working out.  I felt a million times better after.

I also have a little change in my meal schedule for the week.  We are leaving for Chicago on Sunday, so tomorrow is going to be our free day and Mark will make a creation of his own! I will be sure to share whatever that creation is! I am also taking a barre class tomorrow morning, my plan is to do barre 4 days one week and 3 days the next.  So I am squeezing one in this weekend.

Curious to know why we are going to Chicago? Ok good, because I want to tell you.  We are going to see my brother and sis-in-law and check out Justin Timberlake & Jay Z at Soldier Field!!!! Whooo!!! To say I am excited would be understatement.  It should be an awesome time!  If you want to follow along, I will post pics on my instagram

Moving right along.

fuel for the day
Breakfast: a larabar, I was heading out the door to get to barre and needed something fast 

Lunch: after barre, I ran some errands with the kiddos, we stopped at an awesome mediterranean grill, I had a greek salad with chicken

Dinner: we like traditions, so we try to go to the pizza place by our house every friday.  They happen to have a salad that is almost the same as my go-to salad.  After I have my salad, I always steal some of the kids leftover pizza slices.

exercise for the day
8:30 am PB class

fun for the day
this sneaky little lady who has a legit secret sneaky style, she always ends up scrunched between the hubs and me, but I don't see anything wrong with a morning greeting from this precious face. 
this is how palmer likes to straight up chill
 weird activities during palmers nap
because laying a bunch of of stuffed animals, dinosaurs and random toys on unused diapers is actually really fun.  I love having a daughter who has the same silly sense of humor as I do.  
this was a total blast

I have next weeks meals all figured out and will post them on Sunday! 

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