recap: day 17 of 60 days to a better body

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

it was perfect that today was a two-a-day and we went to see the good ole broncos practice

i started the day off by rushing to get the kiddos fed, dressed and in the car, so i could drop them off at grandmas before i went to the 8:30 barre.  as soon as barre was over i rushed back over to pick them up and meet mark, so we could head to dove valley, the denver broncos headquarters and practice facility to check out the preseason camp.  it was super hot, the line was long and the excitement quickly dwindled for the older kiddos.  we stayed for awhile though and it was really cool.  i would definitely recommend going on a day when there is a morning session, that way you can stay for awhile and really take it all in.  you're as close as you will most likely ever be to these players and it's FREE.  so you should head out if you have the chance. 

i ran across a blog somewhere and now i can't remember which one it was (if anyone knows, please message me), but she goes out of her way to make sure she is in the pictures with her kiddos.  she doesn't care if she has makeup on, or is in her pj's, she wants her kids to be able to look back at pictures and see the fun she had with them.  i know as the mom, i am almost always behind the lens, so i am going to put a lot more effort into making sure i'm in the pictures as well.  
be prepared for a lot of self pics!
silly boy in daddy's sunnies
#1 cheerleader

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