recap: day 11 of 60 days to a better body

Thursday, July 25, 2013

howdy.  day 11 under the belt.  feeling pretty good.  I do feel off track though, since i haven't been able to really stick to my schedule.  i'm just taking it day by day through the rest of the week, if i can fit my workout in, i will definitely do it.  if not, i won't get discouraged and will just follow along the best i can.  i thought about rearranging things because of this week, but i think it's better to just stick to the schedule as it is and if i lost a few training days in the second week, so be it.  it's better then losing them in the second to last week.  

we had a great day here.  the kids woke up with some yummy sourdough pancakes.  i promised you a recipe and you will find it below.  this is definitely a cheat day breakfast and unfortunately for me, this was not my cheat day.  these pancakes are the best though.  i grew up with my grandmother making them, so they hold such a special place in my heart.  when i started making them for my kids, they loved them.  i am now actually famous with the kids in our neighborhood for my pancakes.  they call them amanda's famous pancakes.  super presh.  

these bad boys are beyond delish.  check out the recipe below.  
if you are wondering for a second if these are worth it, i am telling you that they are.  if you need a good starter, below is where i got mine.  i have had it for years and it just gets better with time.  
k.  here is what happened today.  i was filled with a house of hooligans!  i love them all but wowee. it was madness.  i also thought first thing this morning that palmer wasn't feeling well.  all he wanted to do was snuggle with me and usually he is a man on the go.  then this afternoon cooper kept complaining that she had a headache from our really hard hike (we didn't take a hike).  she has quite the imagination, so i thought she was just being silly, then i felt her head and she was burning sick kids. i am leaving tomorrow with the girls and mark is staying with the boys, so if they are still sick, at least we are splitting up the sickly duties.
my meals for the day.  my egg whites pic is the same as yesterday.  i forgot to take a picture of that amazing event this morning, so i hope you will trust that's what i had.  i also made the stuffed zucchini that i posted about here.  it was amazing.  i felt like i was eating lasagna.  i am not even lying.  then i went to one of the blogs i follow and she just posted about making pasta out of zucchini and i am all over this idea. if i can eat a vegetable that reminds me of pasta?  ummm, why not?  i will also trick my kids into eating it and loving it. 

oh hey, i also got my cardio on while the little guy was sleeping.  
we are on the road tomorrow but i hope that tomorrow night i will be able to share with you all how we stayed healthy on a road trip!

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