Happy 9th Birthday Sweet Sydney

Thursday, July 25, 2013

ladies and gentlemen. i interrupt my normally scheduled blog time, to let you know that we officially have a 9 year old little lady in the house!  happy happy birthday sweet sydney!  watching you grow up to such a lovely young lady has been an amazing blessing.  growing our relationship the way we have has truly been one of the best gifts of my life.  you are my daughter, no doubt and i love you so.  

i am going to start a new tradition, since this is my first year of blogging.  i found a bunch of really cute ideas for 20 questions to ask your kid each birthday.  it will be so fun to see how the answers either do or don't change through the years. 

sydney's 9th birthday interview
1. favorite color
2. favorite toy
stuffed animals
3. favorite place to visit
4. best tv show
good luck charlie
5. most tasty thing to eat for lunch
6. the outfit you wear the most
jean shorts and layered t-shirts
7. most fun game to play
elements (a weird game the kids made up and play in the backyard)
8. delicious snack you love
pop tarts
9. favorite animal
10. favorite song
trouble by taylor swift
11. favorite book
pegasus and the flame
12. your best friend
13. car you hope to drive at 16
an electric car
14. favorite thing to do outside
play with my friends
15. favorite drink
16. place you would most like to travel to
17. the best holiday
my birthday
18. favorite restaurant
19. what you hope happens before your next birthday
to have my new puppy decker become my best best friend (sorry bhavia)
20. what do you want to be when you grow up?
stay at home momma

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