Day Datey

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

If you have been here before, you know I really love day dates with my hubs.  Thanks to my mom watching the little littles, we got to go on one this past weekend!

I really wanted to do a 14'er but it is an all day excursion and Mark wasn't really feeling it.  So I asked around for some nice places to hike closer to the house.  My friend Megan suggested Deer Creek Trail.
 Mark wears swim trunks to hike, super professional style

  This is Mark's impression of a bear climbing a tree.  Never a dull moment with this guy.

We had a really fun time, it was great to be in nature, getting some exercise and having an uninterrupted chat with Mark.  Uninterrupted conversations are hard to come by in a house with four kiddos. 

After the hike, we decided to head into Morrison (where Red Rocks Amphitheater is located). Mark wanted to go to The Morrison Inn for lunch.  It's Mexican food and has a nice patio and live music. 
On our walk to the restaurant, we saw a real live motorcycle gang!  Ha ha ha...just kidding, they looked more like a bunch of old guys who like to ride on the weekend.  Morrison has a lot of bikers coming through town.  The guy on the left in this picture, was blocking traffic, so all his buddies could go through together....cute. 
The famous Morrison Inn, it's known for margaritas and live music but I would question anyone who suggests it's known for it's quality Mexican food.  Not good food, not good at all. I wasn't looking for fine dining though, I was just looking for a nice cool beer and more time with the hubs. 
Which is what I got...Mark had the huge margarita and I had a tasty Blue Moon.  
On the way out Mark was searching the walls for a picture of him from a Halloween long long ago.  Mark and his buddy dressed up like firefighters and it made onto the walls of The Morrison Inn.  


  1. For awesome Mexican food head to Las Fuentes in Lakewood! It's amazing, it's my go to place for authentic Mexican food. It's between Alameda and sixth on Union... up behind Wendy's they also have kids eat FREE nights!

  2. Ohhhh AWESOME Amy! Thanks for the suggestion! We might try to get up there this weekend!