Saturday, July 27, 2013

hello. no i am not pregnant but i would like to introduce you to the newest member of the family.
we ditched all the boys and the girls set out on a jeep road trip, to pick up one adorable puppy.  
this puppy was sydney's birthday present.  i realize it seems extravagant to some but she is the furthest thing from spoiled.  she just wants a dog that is hers.  she has a dog at her mom's house (that actually used to be ours, long story).  that dog is more her moms than hers though.  so feeling the guilt you do when your kids have to basically move every other week so they can spend equal time with mom and dad, we decided she deserved a pup of her own and she was more than capable and mature to take of him.  we knew a maltese was the dog for us, they are hypoallergenic, don't shed and are a small dog.  it met all of our requirements, eddie and sydney are both allergic to dogs, i don't like dog hair everywhere and i don't like cleaning up human sized doo doo's from the yard.  i searched and searched for a maltese and couldn't find one and when i was in the moment of giving up.  i sent an email to a breeder in nebraska, who i had corresponded with previously but she didn't have any pups.  well guess what, she had ONE pup available and it was a male....exactly what we wanted.  he was just born so we would have to wait three months until we could pick him up. 
the day finally came. we set out on the road and headed to nebraska.  i know people love to hate on driving through the midwest and say it's really boring.  i actually used to agree, but not this time.  i think it's a gorgeous drive.  it's so much of the country that you don't get to see. real farms, hay farms, horse farms, cattle farms.  it's gorgeous.  we visit cities all the time and just coming back from chicago, i loved the simple and stunning backdrop for this road trip. every time we passed a hay farm, we all waved ecstatically out the window and yelled heeeeeeeey!!!!!! farm!!!!!! get it?  hay farm..........hey farm?  yeah were weird....but we are mostly the same kind of weird, so everyone gets it. 
we got in right around dinner time and headed to this spot.  i wasn't a fan but when we walked out, sydney declared it the best restaurant ever.  so i guess take your kids there?
sydney woke up at the crack of dawn. then we waited...and waited and waited....finally the moment came.
here is the moment she met her new best friend, i totally almost cried my eyes out.  i didn't want the lady to think i was crazy though, so i held it in.  

we will be sharing custody of the dog, the same way we do as the kids.  so the dog really is sydney's, when she goes to mom's, so does the dog.  this present was actually joint between the big little's momma and us, we split it 50/50.  talk about a lesson in co-parenting! 

what a fun and crazy week!  i managed to stick to a pretty good diet and got in exercise when i could.  i loved this week and wouldn't trade a moment for anything.  i will be back on the fitness track 150% on monday.  


  1. OMG! He's so cute! Great name too!

    That totally warms my heart that you guys teamed up with her mom on the gift, especially as a child of divorce myself. So sweet!

    1. I know!! I'm dying over him. He is so cute, it's unreal.

      For the most part, we are really good at co-parenting. We always put the kids needs first and I think if you can do that, then you are going to consistently make the right decision for your family, because no matter how you slice it or dice it, we are all active participants in this family. Not that it is always peachy-keen, but when it's not, we don't bring the kids into it. We don't always have to get along, but we always have to keep the kids out of it.