The First Run and Random Pictures

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I have been having "first-run" anxiety.  You know the anxiety to start something back up that you used to be pretty good at but haven't done in awhile. It was only three miles but I remember the very first time I had to run three miles, it was SO hard and I had to pause and go really slow and catch my breath, so annoying.  

I am happy to report it was way easier than I thought it would be (aren't most things)?  I crossed that first run off my list and now I feel way more confident in my ability.  I know I can get back to 13.1 and hopefully finish my second half-marathon faster than my first. 

I totally agree with the statement that the hardest part of running, is lacing up your tennis shoes. 
Really committing to the run. It's equal parts mental and physical.
Sometimes I think more mental.

 My beat up tennies, these bad boys got me across the finish line of all of my very first races last year. They will most likely need to be retired at some point in this training.

Moving on from the run, to the weekend.  We had Eddie and Sydney until Saturday night.  So it was a fun day with them on Saturday.  We planted our first geocache box.

The way geocaching works, is you plant your box, get the coordinates, then it has to be approved.  They don't want the boxes too close to each other.  Unfortunately, this one was too close, so I had to move it yesterday.  Somebody already went out and found it!!  This geeky game is so fun. Color me geeky with my geocache love!

P Man fell asleep with an ice cream cone in his hand.  He had a firm grip on that cone, I had to pry it out of his sleeping hands. 

Just an FYI, don't put weird foaming sunscreen into your really nice purse and leave it in a hot car.  It will explode and look like this.  I have applied many coats of leather cleaner and restorer and I think this gorgeous piece of leather will be ok. It's the only purse I own that I didn't get at Target and it was one of the first Christmas gifts Mark ever got me, so it's sentimental.

We replaced the light over our kitchen table.  I feel like it's really hard to tell from these pictures, but the light we had in there before was HUGE.  It's better suited for an entry way, which is where it will go.  I wanted something smaller to go in this space and we didn't want to spend a lot, so this $50 light from Ikea will do the trick.  We only plan on staying in this house for 3 years, so we don't want to splurge on items that we wouldn't take with us.  We will save that for the house we plan to spend a more extended period of time in.

 Trying to bring a little more life into this sad looking flower.  I do NOT have a green thumb.  I'm working on it though.
 Palmer loves the car and he loves saying car, he says it in the cutest little way.  
 This is the best little outdoor water inflatable.  They have so much fun in it.
 A little boy sitting in a big chair.  He doesn't want to be my baby anymore, so I suppose I will let him grow up.
We were on a lovely walk today and my phone fell out of the stroller, and this was the result.  Cry Cry Cry.  I have to say though, that I have dropped this phone a lot, the kids have dropped it, Palmer has thrown it and it stood up like a champ. Way better than any previous iPhone's I have owned (Yes, I drop them a lot)

That's all for now.  More to come soon

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