Sunday Funday

Sunday, June 30, 2013

After an incredibly fun "day off" on Saturday, which included celebrating one of our greatest friends 40th birthday, with a beer fest, bowling, singing and playing piano on 16th street, and then a trip to the patio I spent many a Sunday Funday on, but it wasn't Sunday, it was Saturday and the fun ended and we came home to sleeping babies (thanks grandma!).  We got a great nights rest and then woke looking for some fun stuff to do.  We met our friends at the pool for a morning of swimming and sun, then home for naps.  We needed an entertaining afternoon activity, so we decided a drive in the Jeep would be super chill and fun.  Here are some pics from our adventure!
We decided we would go check out Palmer Lake, we have driven past signs for Palmer Lake, dozens of times and always wanted to check it out, but never did.  Today was the day!
We couldn't wait to see this amazing lake with the same name as my beautiful son.
My little guy Palmer, right before we set eyes on Palmer Lake.
Ummmm, yeah, so you have to use your imagination on this one, because apparently Palmer Lake has dried up, big time. 
 This awesome train came by while I was looking for Palmer Lake, to only realize Palmer Lake isn't there.  I almost cried as this train passed by, why?  I don't know.  It felt old timey and I haven't ever been this close to a train and it was just a sweet little feeling, that comes so rarely.  The conductor also opened his window and waved to me, which didn't help my cause at all. 
 If you know Mark and Me, The Fountainhead is a huge part of our lives, it's why we fell in love. We have a dream of owning a ranch that we would call Fountainhead Ranch, apparently someone else feels the same.  We should probably figure out a way to be friends with these people.
 We also passed by the GORGEOUS farm where my brother married his beautiful little lady, who is now my sister!  My brother and I both scored, he got a wife and I got an awesome sister.
We saw some Clydesdales 
Go America!
We saw an old army tank that is also a boat!!  and the owner let our kids sit in it! 

 Palmer loves to drive, he is in love with driving any and all cars, do I see a a race car driver in my future?  Maybe, but that sounds like it would be super stressful as a mother!  I'm all about fostering who they truly are though, so if he wants to drive a car super fast around a racetrack to make money, then I will support him no matter what. I'm a legit mom like that.
We had to stop at Bud's Bar for their AMAZING burgers.  Seriously, these things are off the charts or off the chain, whatever sort of lingo you prefer.
 Beautiful Girl, how lucky we are to know you
 They had a fun crane game, which resulted in zero prizes and a very sad girl
 We returned to the table to eat, this amazing little guy was loving it
Then our lovely waitress brought both of our kiddos the animals from the crane game. What a sweet lady. 

I love random Sunday Fundays!

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