Goodbye Soffit, Hello Vaulted Ceiling!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

I always knew these soffits had to go, they are useless, they don't provide lighting that we actually use, I'm not really sure what is supposed to go on top of them, they make the room seem smaller, they collect dust, they are dated, and really, the honest truth is, I hate them.  Once we knew we were buying this house, Mark and I said they had to go. Bye Bye Soffit. These pictures aren't great, but my camera is jacked up, so sorry, you get the picture of what's happening from these pics, so congrats on that.
This soffit, sat above our beautiful dining room table, and I think it stole it's sunshine.  
Sunshine stealing soffit.

 Here is another soffit, that I really don't too must go. 
Bye Bye unnecessary drywall

I will have a bunch of photos to follow up on this, we have some electric and drywall repair that we will need to outsource.  I will have an entire post dedicated to how we did this, with true before and afters. 

On a side note, HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!  These kids live a happy, happy life.  We are surrounded by amazing little people and their amazing parents.  This is the way you hope your kids will grow up and we feel so lucky to have found this community.

 Doesn't this look like it should be straight out of a movie

Best Buds

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