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Friday, June 7, 2013

(this is so true. I definitely know that people WAY busier than me, can and do make it to the gym)

'till the breaka breaka dawn
I fell off the fitness wagon.  Not afraid to admit it.  I do it all the time.  I have a weird mental illness, well probably more than one, but over the last few years, whatever this particular obsessive mental illness is, it has been prominent in my life.  I get literally obsessed, yes, I mean that.  I know that word gets overused but in this case, it's true. 

I get fixated on certain things.  If I set a goal, I HAVE to achieve it.  If there is a direction I know I have to go, I will get there.  You haven't run a single mile in months, then decide you want to do a half marathon in 7 weeks?  Right up my alley.  Haven't been to Pure Barre in two months, then decide you are going to go for 30 days, with two small children who you have to coordinate care for? Right up my alley.  Rearrange, your house, paint almost every single wall, paint all the interior doors while taking care of four kids one week and two the next.  Right up my alley.

Balance housework, running, pure barre, home improvements, blogging, etc.  Not right up my alley.  I am REALLY good at balancing, my husband, my kids and maintaining a somewhat clean home.  It's bringing in the ME part that I have an incredibly hard time with, unless I am totally focused and know the end is near.  That's why I work well with goals.  I can say "oh, for the next seven weeks I will be running, or the next thirty days I will be at barre", but I know I will accomplish the goal and go back to being with my kids and hubs all the time and then just feeling guilty about not taking care of myself.  Let's just put it out there, it's a lot easier to put yourself last, than it is to put yourself first.  There is a lot of guilt that you carry as a Mom and a Wife and a Homemaker.  The guilt you feel not taking care of YOU can be pushed aside very easily.  Unfortunately it always catches up to YOU. 

I always gain clarity after an extended period of time, where I know I haven't put myself first.  The clarity I gain is that I know I am a better wife, mother, friend, sister and daughter when I make sure I am taking an hour or two a day, to just make myself better. 

I need to find a balance but I also need a goal.  So I set a goal.
I registered for the Denver Half Marathon on September 8th.  

This is my schedule:

The end of this little goal will happen on September 2nd.  I'm hoping that after that, I will be able to find a balance, because it's WAY too easy to gain weight in the winter months, when it's cold outside and all the yummy comfort foods sound so good and of course the holidays. 

So that's the news of the day here, I'm putting this out there, into to the internet world, so that not only am I holding myself accountable, but you are too.

  Taking three weeks off of Pure Barre is so stupid, I was limping around all day yesterday from my sore legs!

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