Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ever heard of geocaching?  I had not, until Mark came home on Monday night and told me that one his collueges does it with his son.  I can make an attempt at explaining it to you, but I will not do a good job. So please check out the geocaching website, by clicking here.
Alright, now you know all about geocaching! Sounds pretty rad huh? As soon as Mark told me about it, because apparently, he is good at explaining what it is, I got so excited about geocaching!   I seriously would have gone with the kids right that second to find my first "treasure".  It was late and getting dark and I am not good with directions, so bad idea.  I had to wait until the next day.

We found a bunch around our area and I decided to go with one that had a medium difficulty rating but was in this really interesting art park in Castle Rock.  We see this art park all the time, but never took the time to go out and explore.

I got the kids together, they were VERY excited and we drove down to the park to start our adventure.

 such good buddies
 probably the last time this little man with be in the baby bjorn (tear shed)

Once we got down to the park, we all pulled out our phones.  It was time to figure out what the heck we were doing.  Geocache has an awesome app that helps guide you and get you close enough, to where you should find the cache.

 Sydney and Vinnie (the kids good friend) took off looking
 While Eddie and I dealt with a sad Cooper.  She doesn't like bugs or tall weeds, both of which were abundant in this area
she quickly got herself composed and back to searching we went
best big brother

It's sad to say but we didn't find the cache on this first adventure.  We bit off more than we could chew for first timers.  I recommend going with an easy one the first few times, until you get the hang of it!

We did see some pretty cool stuff, like this train go right by in front of us

 Palmer loved it, of course

We also saw some really funky art, that I have to say, before we got down there and really saw it, I thought it was an eyesore.  Now I really like it.  

We weren't going to give up after one failed attempt.  So we refueled, headed home so P Man could nap and then headed back out for another hunt!

This time we had Rocco with us (Vinnie's brother).  He was a natural at it and definitely the leader
 I let the older kids head out, while I stayed up with the littles and kept them occupied.  The terrain is not good for a 
3 1/2 year old and a toddler in a stroller
It was a beautiful place to hang out.  This is Daniel's Park which is close to our home.

I am happy to report that the kids found this one!!  They forgot to take picture though, so bummer!  They were so excited though and so was I!

 We have since gone on two more geocaching adventures!  It's SO much fun, gets you and your kids out in nature, working together and it's free!!!  I feel like I have my whole summer covered with fun geocaching outings. 

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