Father's Day

Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Belated Father's Day

(the truth, he is the best)

We had a really great day!  Mark and I really put a lot of thought into celebrating each other as parents. So Mother's Day and Father's Day are celebrated in a big way here. 

I woke up crazy early (4:30).  I have problems sleeping in general.  I always wake up at least once or twice a night and it takes a lot of time to fall back asleep. So I knew when my eyes popped open at that lovely hour, that I was better off just getting up and embracing my time to prep.  

I hung up some manly colored streamers.  I just feel like walking into a room with a bunch of streamers, says, hey, let's celebrate!  

I set our table with the cute cards I had the kids made and the few presents we got him.  

Sydney working on her Happy Father's Day banner

We let him sleep in but finally couldn't handle it and had to ambush him!

We had a lovely little breakfast, Mark mowed the lawn (something he actually loves to do).  I got everything together for a fun pool party at our awesome community pool. We went to the pool, swam for a bit, hung out with the other families from Castle Pines.  Once we got home, we were BEAT!  Mark took a little siesta with his two beautiful girls. 

I didn't take a ton of pictures for the rest of day, but we had fun, appreciated this great man and then had an awesome steak dinner.  I gave Mark a much deserved massage on our very own massage table (if you don't have one, get one.  It's the bees knees and get tons of use in our house)

This wouldn't be a true Father's Day post, if I didn't pay tribute to my Dad.  Dougie Boy, Pappy, Dad.  He goes by a few names. He is a man of many qualities.  He loves his kids, that's for sure.  He always has our back and he is a character.  My little brother and I can talk for hours about Dougie Boy, we imitate his voice, recreate conversations we have had with him and really just try to unravel who this Dad of ours really is.  We certainly know him but he has lived a whole life that we don't know about.

There he is, the man, the myth the legend.  He was too cool for silly glasses

Here we all are, B.C. (Before Cameron) I see my little guy Palmer a lot in my face in this pic. 

My Dad is a Dad and a Step-dad!  He had a lot more responsibility, than I do, in terms of parenting his beautiful step-kids.  My older brother and sister's Dad lived in a different state and was paralyzed with short term memory loss, caused by a motorcycle accident.  I'm sure that all of us share different views of him as a Dad but I really appreciate who he tried to be to me as a kid and a teenager and a young adult.  I wasn't easy, I struggled, A LOT.  I made tons of mistakes and the fact that I have grown into the person I am today, a good person, a great mother, a really good friend, a great daughter, an amazing wife, with a pretty good set of morals (not gonna lie, I do love red wine and drink more than an ideal set of morals would allow, I also cuss too much) and a great attitude towards to life, is largely because of my father and the man I married.  They both believed in me in an unrelenting way, when it was probably really hard to believe in me, but they did and I slowly followed.  I started to believe what they told me and here I am today, celebrating these two amazing men, who in my later life I would say I didn't deserve them but now I know I  deserve them and they deserve me.  

I'm so grateful for my Dad and so grateful for the Father of my children.  

I got Pappy this book.  You can record tons of memories in it.  It's my way of finding out everything about this guy.  Some people think this books means you are going to die soon, so you better write down everything you want to tell us.  This book actually is really long and has tons of questions, it would take me 20 years to fill it out, so Dougie Boy has tons of time. 

I also wanted to share this pic of my Dad reading to Cooper.  Every time he comes over, he brings Cooper two books, then he reads them to her.  It's the cutest thing ever and just totally melts my heart. 

I wanted to end this post my beautiful parent's Dads.  On the left is my Dad's Dad, his name is Douglas Hampton Collins (we called him Boots)  My Dad was named after him.  On the right is my Mom's Dad.  His name is Richmond Palmer Hunt, he went by Palmer, always.  
My son is named after him and my also my Dad. Palmer Douglas Quam.
 I am thankful these two men gave me my parents 

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