Cochlear Americas Tour

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sydney recently had to have her Cochlear sound processor replaced.  In dealing with the incredible customer service representatives, I had a brilliant idea!  The US headquarters are located about 20 miles away from us.  I wonder if they would be willing to tour us around their facility?  I asked and the answer was yes.  They were actually super excited to have us.  These people all work towards helping people HEAR!  That has to be a fulfilling job.

The cochlear implant was invented in 1967 by Dr. Graeme Clark, he was inspired and motivated by his deaf father. His work was finally rewarded when it was implanted, on Red Sanders in 1978 who could finally hear and perceive sound. You can read more about him here. We learned on our tour that after Dr. Clark activated Red's cochlear and realized he could hear, he was so deeply moved, that he had to leave the room and proceeded to breakdown over the accomplishment.  

The Cochlear campus was beautiful.  All the conference rooms, breakrooms, etc. are named after various points of interest in Australia, where the worldwide corporate headquarters are located.  I brought my big camera to take tons of pics, then realized I didn't put the memory card back in it.  So, I didn't take very many pictures, since I only had my iphone. 

A conference room, with a beautiful mural of a rainforest in Australia

This is the Executives meeting room, super cozy huh.  I said that it looked like the kind of meeting room that should have a bar in it.  I don't think our tour guide thought I was very funny.

The kids standing in front of a wall that has over 250,000 small dots on it, each one representing the number of cochlear implants helping people hear.

It was so awesome and interesting.  Meeting the people that helped our kids hear, and still help our kids hear, was very moving.  It's a wonderful company. I wish I took more pictures but a lot of the really interesting stuff, like the repair lab, was off limit to cameras.

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