An Argument for the Day Date

Friday, June 14, 2013

We love to get datey, we do NOT do it enough.  You know that whole thing of life, kids, work, etc. it all gets in the way and on the priority list, we tend to put all of that above some good ole one on one time, out of the house, dressed up a little, with some makeup on.  

My Dad has season tickets to the Rockies, he has had them for 20 years.  Which means he has had them since the very first year Colorado got it's own MLB team.  We call my Dad Pappy and he loves sports.  I always forget about this awesome resource we have of a free and awesome activity we can use.  There is no way he can go to all the games he has, so he loves to share.  I knew I wanted a day game, because honestly, what's better than a nice patio, a few cold beers and a baseball game.  Not a whole lot.  Then add in some work and kid ditching and you feel really young again.  Out, during the day, drinking downtown and enjoying a baseball game. So awesome.  I love day dates.  They last longer, you are home in time to tuck your kids in, you are in bed at a decent hour, you soaked up some sun and you had a great time with your hubs. 

We had SUCH a great time and I sure do love this guy!  

We have another day date coming up in July, we are going to hike a 14'er and also place a very special geocache, I will blog on that this week, to give an introduction into our plan and what the geocache means to us and the family that it is in honor of. 

Getting back to dating. 
Sometimes it's hard to come up with great date ideas, whether they happen during the day or at night.  Dinner and a movie are fun but that can get boring.  

I found this cute blog that has plenty of dates that you can do on the cheap and are tons of fun!

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