Wet Weekend and the Skull

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Oh hey, what's up weekend?  Yeah this weekend......was cray cray.  We had a lot of big plans, a lot of big and little projects to complete.  We did accomplish some of them but we had some other business that came up.  In the form of this:

Yeah, this is Eddie's room.  Eddie is kind of a horder, he hordes legos, thousands and thousands of legos, he hordes weird nerf weapons, he hordes weird nerf ammunition, he hordes coins, he hordes lego characters, he hordes computers, he hordes laptops, pretty much anything this kid is in to, he has that item times 3, or in a lego scenario, times 1,000,000,000,000,000,000.......yeah that many zeros is legit. Eddie is rad, like the most rad kid I know (don't tell my other kids I said that), he is the most confident dude in the world. He is so confident, but he is not so clean.  His room is by far the messiest in the house.  He doesn't care, I do, I care! and I try to keep it clean, try to get him to keep it clean, but with four kids, a husband, a house and a blog, it falls by the wayside.

Getting to the point, this room, this messy, cluttered, charactered room got FLOODED this weekend!  Totally flooded.  When Mark first looked at it, he didn't think it was that bad.  He put some of the blowers that we use for our outdoor water slide under the carpet.  I was seriously stressed and Mark wasn't.  I knew it was a way bigger problem that was way above our slide blower uppers heads!  So on Saturday morning, I woke up at 5:00 am in a panic.  I did tons of internet research and knew that we definitely needed to get the carpet padding up.  So as soon as Mark woke up, I bombarded him with my intel on flooded carpets.  He still wasn't hearing me, but he did agree to go rent a blower from Home Depot.

Move forward a few hours when the littles are sleeping and we finally have a chance to really evaluate the situation.  Uhhhhh....yeah, totally flooded, carpet soaked, I don't like mold, don't want mold, I hate mold, yuck yuck yuck, the carpet has to go, right along with the padding.  So we tore it all up.  Wet carpet is heavy, wet padding.......even heavier.  We had to straight up bring a wheelbarrow into our house to get that shiz out.  What a nightmare.

Yeah, so that happened and I need to stop writing about it because I have to tackle the job of finding someone to carpet that room tomorrow and I just want to chillax for the rest of this night, because I deserve it after this crazy day.

So I will move on.

We did have a lot of fun today.  We decided since our Saturday was crazy, on this lovely Sunday, we would push all projects to the side and just enjoy the day as a family.  We headed out to a store in Sedalia, which is SO close to our house.  I have always been intrigued by this store but we haven't stepped foot inside of it.  I'm really feel sorry for all the past purchases I would have made here, but I'm super excited for the future purchases I will most definitely be making here.

Check it before you wreck it.
 Oh hi cute store that is simply the best
 How endearing is this?
Mark and I both loved this rooster, but couldn't find a way to make it work in our house.

 Then we saw this, hello awesome bull skull...more on this later
 We also saw this kick butt rickshaw 
 I heart these big time and might buy them for Palmer's room
 This is just so cool
 I loved these, I thought they would be perfect for Cooper's room
 This horse, I swear this is fate, seriously.  My total inspiration for sprucing up our abode, came from this insanely gorgeous home.  I'm straight up obsessed with that house.  I'm not afraid to say it.  I will post later on how I totally copied their yellow chairs.  But for real, check out their house and you will see on their coffee table a horse that looks almost identical to this one.  So yeah, I'm buying it, super stalker crazy style.  Can you be a house style stalker?  Ummm yeah, you can, cause that's me. 
 This reminded me of my grandpa Palmer Hunt, who in case you didn't gather, our son Palmer is his namesake.
 Mark is in love with this guitar, I am too
Hello Handsome Fella

Hello Beautiful Girl
And hello incredible bull skull that just so happens to be the perfect addition to our weird art niche above the fireplace.  I never thought anything would look great there, but a bull skull did the trick.

P.S.  Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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