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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Antique iPhone Charger

Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm linking up with Emily, from Sparkle Meets Pop, Katie, from Bower Power , Sherry from Young House Love and last but not least, Renee from RedBirdBlue for their Spring Edition Pinterest Challenge! I was really excited to participate in this challenge!  It didn't take long before we knew what project we wanted to tackle.  

Our inspiration was this beautiful vintage meets modern charging station

I don't know about you, but we are big fans of apple over here.  All things electronic come with a lowercase i in front of them.  iPhone, iPad, iMac, iPod, and so on and so on.  I am also constantly struggling with the best place to charge all our little i's.  I want them easily accessible, but a bunch of cords hanging out all over the place, isn't really the best decorating accessory for our home.  My inability to figure out a creative place to charge up, has resulted in this:

 YIKES!  This in our kitchen, not the best place for to charge all of our crack, iPhones & iPads!

We wanted to be able to hide all this away and needed something a little bigger, so it could fit our iPad. I thought a vintage suitcase would be great.  So I headed out to our local thrift store and found a bunch that would work.  

I ended up going with this beauty.  It was sturdy, in great condition and looked like the perfect size.  It was also priced right at $18.00

I measured the inside, then headed to Home Depot to get some supplies.  I just have to say right here and now that I love Home Depot.  The people that work there are just so incredibly friendly and equally knowledgable about everything and anything that has to do with home improvement.

I purchased the wood and it didn't quite fit, so Mark had to trim it and he also cut the pieces to go under the wood board that the i's would sit on.  
(I noticed after I took this picture, how dirty all our i's are!  I was sure to clean them right up after this)
Then we lined up the i's to see where would want to cut the holes for the chargers and marked it with a pencil.

Then he headed into his handy dandy work station in our garage.  He used a one inch wood drill bit and it created the perfect sized hole for the usb side of the chargers to go through.

Good job babe and way to put safety first with your glasses!

I sanded this beauty up a little bit to remove some splinters that were created during drilling

Then we screwed the legs into our lovely board

Even Sydney got in on the action!  

And we ended up with this perfectly sized table that would go right into our suitcase

We put the power cord in and taped it down, so it won't move around

I grabbed the staple gun and went to town 

We put the usb side of the charger through the hole, to meet up with the electrical cord

We got everything plugged in

(notice how everything is no longer covered in finger prints :)

Woo Hoo!  We have a proper place for all our i's!  

The best part is that I can put the lid down and you never know what's in there getting charged up!

Overall I thought this was a really simple project that is definitely worth the 45 minutes or so of work!  It was also incredibly affordable.  We did it all for under $30.

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