Eddie's Room Redesign

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Eddie's Room Update

So here is the before of Eddie's Room:

Here is the progress:

I'm so excited!  We have a lot of progress to make but I already love his new room so much.  I told Mark tonight that it looked way more like a teenagers room, which is cool and scary at the same time.  I can't believe how much this little dude has grown up since I was lucky enough to meet him. 

Here are some other highlights of the weekend.  We had a TON of FUN outside, trampoline time, it was the best. 

(those are my flip flops she is wearing)

Yes, Yes, there are more pictures of Cooper, it isn't a favoritism thing, Palmer was just sleeping for most of our trampoline photo shoot.

Oh and on a side note:

We will be welcoming this little dude to our family in July.  It's funny the way things happen.  I have been desperate to find a Maltese puppy for Sydney, she really wants a dog of her own, that she can take back and forth from our house and her moms house.  Eddie is incredibly allergic to dogs, so we had to go hypoallergenic and the Maltese is just a really precious breed.  So I started emailing breeders, I was on countless wait lists, but was having a terrible time with breeders communicating with me.  I was so frustrated this morning and started looking into a different breed that would be easier to access.  So after all my complaining and stressing, we went into Costco, got out of Costco and I looked at my phone to see an email from a breeder who I originally felt very connected with and they had ONE boy available!!  Sydney wanted a boy, so it was perfect and dare I say, fate.  

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