Not So Neat Wall Niche

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I need help!

This is why:

The wall niche above our television is not doing it for me in any sense of the word.  I just can't find the right thing to put in there, to make it look fantastic!  It's really deep which I think adds to this conundrum. 

Another problem, which is really sad and unfair and in no way represents the love and affection I have for this guy:

Because I love him to the moon and back a thousand times over!  He isn't in that family picture, simply because he wasn't born when that family picture was taken.  We need it updated, asap, before he realizes he isn't in it!

Another problem is this:

Ever since we got that sweet bull skull, it's even more obvious that the space to the left of it isn't cool, or hip, or my style, or a good representation of my family, since the littlest one is missing.

I need help! I need blog universe help.  If anyone has an amazing suggestion, I would really really appreciate it!  This is the next project on my list and I am totally lacking in the inspiration department.

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