Happy Happy Mothers Day!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Ok so I am a day late, but still, to all my mamma friends out there, Happy Mothers Day!  I draw tons of inspiration from all of you and it has helped enrich my most treasured role, that of a mother.

I was really excited for this Mothers Day!  I like it even more than my birthday! Usually I am pretty good at figuring out what gift Mark is going to give me, this year I had no clue and the suspense was killing me.  Mark was also totally giving me a bunch of fake hints to throw me off.  I have a serious problem when it comes to waiting for presents. All through my childhood, I would unwrap all the my presents under the Christmas tree, WAY before Christmas morning.  Then I would rewrap them after I uncovered what is was I would be getting. I have no idea why I am like this.  It's crazy and really takes the fun out of the whole surprise element of waking up on Christmas morning and unwrapping all my new goodies.

Moving on.  I was ordered to sleep in on Mothers Day morning but sleeping in + Amanda = not happening.  So I told Mark I would bring my laptop into the bedroom and mess around on that in the morning until he had everything ready. After several minutes I was told that I could now come out.

I walked into the kitchen and was greeted with tons of hugs and kisses from the munchkins!  I felt so super special already!  Then I got to see my present!  Guess what it was guys!?!

This Horse!!!!!

Yippee!!!  If you want the backstory on the horse, click here

I also had this delicious breakfast waiting for me

This awesome card from Eddie

A visit from my mamma
(We forgot to take a picture this year, but this is us from last year on Mothers Day)

My Mother in Law brought me these beautiful flowers

This silly girl in some silly glasses

Fun with my boy on the trampoline
(sorry for the bad quality of these photos, my good camera was out of juice, so I had to use my trusty iPhone)

And last but certainly not least.  Sydney wrote me a song.  It sounds really depressing but the lyrics are so sweet.  I posted them for you to read after the video. 

From all of those field trips we have been on.  Boy this one is the best on of all.  Ever since you came to me, it feels like you have been my heart.  But you always been there for me.  If I've wanted to fly, you've been my sky. If I wanted to swim, you have been my ocean.  If I wanted to climb you've been my ladder.  Oh, oh, you've always been there for me. 

Uhhhh, hello misty eyes.  It was so thoughtful and cute.  I was talking to Mark last night about what it means to have Eddie and Sydney feel so much love for me.  When you give birth to your baby, the love is automatic from both sides.  When you have a stepchild, you have to really work on that relationship and build it up.  They don't just love you automatically.  I'm so happy that I put in all the work and it's so unbelievably fulfilling to know that I earned the love from Eddie and Syd.  I'm a super lucky mom of four really incredible children.  I also have to give a shout out to Mark whose support in so many ways, lifts me up and enables me to try everyday to be the best mamma I can be. 

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