A Little Bit Neater Wall Niche

Friday, May 10, 2013

Whoo Hoo Progress!! 

and more importantly, INSPIRATION!

I had a little bit of time to kill and decided to head into The Barn, in my little town of Castle Rock, CO. 

I was about to head out when this caught my eye
(the thing that caught my eye, is the home sign, even though the green gravy boat is splendid)

It was love at first sight.  

It instantly reminded me of this art piece from CB2 that I have loved for quite some time
(this beautiful piece of art is $599, WAY WAY out of my budget!)

So, I knew this was the perfect piece to start my weird niche redesign, (read more about that here) I scooped that puppy up for a bargain at $30.  

I brought it home, cleaned everything out of the niche, and Cooper thought that it should definitely be hanging in the niche, instead of sitting on the ledge.  I hung it up, but I'm not so sure where it should go.  
Here it is hanging up

Here it is on the ledge

I think if I leave it hanging up, I will need to add a few links to the chains, to make it hang in the center of the wall.  I think the decision will have to wait until I figure out what is going to go on either side of my lovely HOME sign!

Here is a before
 and here is the progress made, obviously more work needs to be done!

What do you think?  Opinions welcome. 

Most of all what does my awesome husband, Mark think?  Since he is seeing this for the first time with all of you!

P.S.  Am I the only one that doesn't like the word Niche?  If you share my distaste for the word, I apologize that I had to use so many times in this post. 

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