4th Anniversary

Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's our 4th Wedding Anniversary today!!!  Yippee!  I love this day, for the obvious reason that it's the day I married the coolest dude ever.  I also love it because it's the only thing we get to celebrate, just the two of us.  We don't have to share it with other people, we get to be selfish with each other.  We are also a pretty romantical couple most of the time, so we are going to celebrate by doing something fun and low key.  Kind of like a 1st date.  We are going to go to a pub, eat dinner at the bar, then we are going to go bowling.  I'm actually incredibly excited!!!

This year we also decided to DIY our presents.  I will post what those gifts were tomorrow.  

Today I wanted to share some pics of our wedding and some of the fun and monumental moments the past 4 years have brought us.

The view from the hotel room in San Diego, this was the weekend we decided to get married!  We both already knew it but this was the first time we really talked about it and actually set a date!

 We got married in one of our favorite places ever.  Telluride, CO.  This picture looks like it was taken in front of a backdrop, but that would be so cheesy, especially for a wedding photo!  That is what the view from the Main Street in Telluride actually looks like.  It's stunning and I must say, we are also looking pretty stunning ourselves. 

The Mayor of Telluride was our officiant.  Pretty cool huh!

This was our wedding party and our entire guest list.  I'm sure it made our parents pretty mad that we jetted off to the woods to get married without them.  

It was the best day ever!  In all honesty though, when a photographer tells you to look at each other in a really loving way so he can get a picture of it, you can't help but sort of laugh.  Those pics are better left to impromptu moments, right? I think I mastered the loving look in this pic but Mark thinks it is funny. Doesn't Eddie looked thrilled?  This was probably picture 398 and he was over it at picture 5.

Santa Barbara

Trump Hotel NYC

Denver Music Festival
We say thumbs up to fun

Red Rocks!
Force feeding pizza

The day I became a Mom!  

Huge rain storm in Mexico, with a 4 months old Cooper


Horseback riding with Rowdy in Telluride.  This guy was such a character.

Taping your face is a fun thing to do

Our long awaited honeymoon trip to Hawaii

Deep Sea Fishing

This is what happens when you take a trip to Hawaii with no kids

Meeting my little man for the first time

This pretty much sums it up.  Don't you love Eddie's red tongue. 

1st Anniversary

2nd Anniversary, we didn't take a picture!!  We went to dinner at Prime and stayed at the 4 Seasons.  Since I don't have a pic from that anniversary, I decided to include this pic, because it shows how rad we are.

Third Anniversary
Dinner at the super trendy and yummy Linger 

Here's to many many more years of fun, love, more fun and raising our sweet little family.  I feel so blessed to have met such an incredible guy who loves me in such an incredible way.

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  1. 1460 days of being your husband and loving every minute of it!!